Symbiosis details

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Mar 242012

Even though leveling isn’t really in the beta yet, several people have combed through the datamined info and created a rough idea of what Symbiosis currently looks like. Thanks to Mihir, Ristaccia, and Starfyre for the original work. I’ve got some more detailed analysis coming in this Sunday’s column on WoW Insider, but suffice it to say that you’re going to have to pick between what’s best for you vs. what’s best for your raid.

Granted Abilities

Death Knight
Blood – Survival Instincts
Frost / Unholy – Wild Mushroom: Plague


Healing Touch

Brewmaster – Growl
Windwalker – Berserk
Mistwalker – Entangling Roots

Holy – Rebirth
Retribution – Tiger’s Fury
Protection – Might of Ursoc

Discipline / Holy – Tranquility
Shadow – Cyclone


Elemental / Enhancement – Solar Beam
Resto – Prowl


Arms / Fury – Enrage
Protection – Frenzied Regeneration

Gained Abilities

Death Knight – Chains of Ice
Hunter – Misdirection
Mage – Mirror Image
Monk – to be announced
Paladin – Hammer of Justice
Priest – Mass Dispel
Rogue – Smoke Bomb
Shaman – Purge
Warlock – Soulshatter
Warrior – Recklessness

Death Knight – Unholy Frenzy
Hunter – Play Dead
Mage – Frost Nova
Monk – to be announced
Paladin – Divine Shield
Priest – Dispersion
Rogue – Redirect
Shaman – Feral Spirit
Warlock – Soul Swap
Warrior – Shattering Blow

Death Knight – Icebound Fortitude
Hunter – Ice Trap
Mage – Mage Ward
Monk – to be announced
Paladin – Consecration
Priest – Fear Ward
Rogue – Evasion
Shaman – Lightning Shield
Warlock – Twilight Ward
Warrior – Spell Reflection

Death Knight – Anti-Magic Shell
Hunter – Deterrence
Mage – Ice Block
Monk – to be announced
Paladin – Hand of Sacrifice
Priest – Leap of Faith
Rogue – Cloak of Shadows
Shaman – Spiritwalker’s Grace
Warlock – Demonic Circle: Teleport
Warrior – Intimidating Roar



  12 Responses to “Symbiosis details”

  1. All 4 speccs will have some very interesting choices to make.
    The thing that is most puzzling is the fact that we give the Brewmaster Growl… am I understanding it correctly that this means they wont have a taunting ability unless we Symb with them? All of a sudden for at least one druid in the raid there is no choice, if there is a MonkTank and there is any kind of tank taunt-switching.

    Interesting topic will probably be the difference between 10 and 25 raids… 25 mans will definitely give so much more options, and very tempting combos (I am here assuming that all raids are as full of druids as mine are, we run with 2 restos, 2 kins and 2 cats)

    As a feral, I must admit I am very excited about the Feral Spirits, I was always jealous of them :)

    • Growl is now a tank CD.

      • Yeah, I just looked at the exact wording of their Growl and it is a 3 mins CD. Should have done it beforehand, and not just assume it will work as ours.

        • The tooltip though, Gain the aspect of a bear, increasing armor by 330% for 30 sec and taunting any currently targeted enemy to attack you for 3 sec. seems odd.

          Why would tanks need another 330% armor? It almost feels like that’d be going to hunters. (ASPECT of a bear).

  2. I think Demonic Circle: Teleport and Deterrence are probably for Moonkin.

  3. I’m Sunfyre, not Starfyre, if you were referring to me =p.

  4. I have to disagree slightly with your recent wow insider post, “Death knights will likely be pleased as well.”

    Wild Mushroom: Plague will most likely be quite meh for deathknights in Mists.

    Will simply have too many ways to instantly apply both dots.

    Outbreak remains at 1 minute cooldown.
    New Unholy Blight Talent has a 1.5 minute cooldown.
    New Vile Spew Talent has only a 60 runic power cost.
    Wild Mushroom: Plague has a 2.30 minute cooldown.

    All just to keep 30 sec duration debuffs up, will be a cakewalk without the extra shroom help.

  5. Holy/disc priest would be the best choice for resto in raid (10m at least) because of Tranquility but 8min cd makes it a bit meh.

    Other than that, Hand of Sacrifice seems to be the only heal beneficial choice. =(

  6. What do you guys think about the changes of Savage Roar come Mists? It’s a lot like it was in Wrath of the Lich King, and that was one of the main things that made Feral the hardest DPS spec to play.

  7. Several things have changed as well. Rake is 12 seconds, not 9, SR is much longer per combo point, and we don’t have to use Mangle at all unless forced to from the front. It will raise the PVE skill cap some more which is good (ie I like it).

    The PVP repercussions however will be very rough. Because SR is dispellable as an enrage effect Ferals will pretty much do 30% less damgae almost all the time. On top of bleeds being dispellable this doesn’t look very good for balance right now. Hopefully we will see some changes soon on the PVP side.

    • It’s going to suck a bit for trash and solo’ing, though, with Savage Roar giving 30%. That was Hellacious at times during Wrath.

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