Apr 242012

Read the full list at mmo-champion or Wowhead News, I’ve pulled things from both places as they each have stuff the other doesn’t. A lot of things got buffed across the board, so don’t read too much into those; I’m going to focus on the things I see as relevant.


  • Heart of the Wild now depends on which specs you’re NOT, instead of which spec you are. (Read the tooltip; much easier to understand now.)
  • Dream of Cenarius  Wrath, Starfire, Starsurge, and melee abilities increase healing done by your next healing spell by 30%. Non-instant casts of Nourish, Healing Touch, and Regrowth increase the damage done by your next damaging spell or ability by 30%. Each of these bonuses lasts 30 sec. and cannot be gained more often than once every 30 sec.
  • Force of Nature  now has a 60 sec cooldown and lasts 15 secs instead of a 3 min cooldown and a 1 min duration.

Oh, the QQ on HoW this is going to be so epic, and so premature. Until we see numbers and can try it for ourselves, we have no idea; all we can say for certain at this point is that Blizzard’s intent is that you can do what the other three specs do for 45 seconds, once per fight. To me, that’s freaking awesome (Atramedes air phase would have been a lot less boring), but I understand the point of view of those who don’t want to be pressured into doing other stuff just because they have the ability to do it.

DoC is one of those I’d just have to see in practice. If the wording on this is right and you can have 100% uptime on the buff…well, Balance rotations might get shaken up. Having the option to weave in HT’s to buff your nukes? Hmmmmm.

The FON change is good, though; the 180/60 was far too passive. I’m expecting this to be the mini-burst option (compared to Incarnation, which the the big-burst big CD, and SOTF which is passive).

Edit: Lissanna says “I’d still take anything from any of the other talent trees in the game over HOTW and DoC. ”  Like I said, premature QQ.


FR scales off of AP? Well, that’ll make stat weights more interesting. Enjoy tracking your current Vengeance stack so you can pop FR when it does the most healing.


  • Healing Touch  now has a 1,5 sec cast time, down from 2,5 sec. Base healing value reduced by 33%.

Very very curious as to where they’re going with this. My guess is that this is to make HT more useful for non-resto druids (see the HOTW changes below), but this kinda kills the worth of Regrowth for restos, right? Never mind, datamining error here.


  • Moonfire  direct damage base value has been increased by 20%. DoT base damage has been reduced by 20%. Duration reduced from 18 to 12 sec. Now scales from 24.8% of Spell Power, up from 22.7%.
  • Wrath  now has a 1.5 sec cast time, down from 2 secs. Base damage reduced by 10%. Now scales from 121% of Spell Power, up from 110%.

The assault on moonkin DoT damage continues. The reduced duration is going to dramatically affect DoT uptimes. Wrath…I don’t know where to start. 1.5s cast time? Well, there went the value of haste for moonkin again. I assume that this is also HOTW related. Edit: again, ignore that bit, bad datamine.


  • Swipe (Cat)  now awards 1 combo points if it strikes your current combo target.
  • Clearcasting   Your damage and healing spells have a small chance to cause you to enter a Clearcasting state. The Clearcasting state reduces the Mana, Rage or Energy cost of your next cast-time Your next cast-time Druid class  damaging or healing spell or offensive feral ability  by 100%. If specialized as a Feral Druid, Omen of Clarity will also have a chance to occur from your auto-attacks. has its mana, rage or energy cost reduced by 100%.

Whoa whoa whoa. THAT makes AoE a ton better. No need to Mangle/Rake something to get a CP to put SR up, and if you’re dealing with a cleave situation, you can keep a single-target rotation rolling and sub Swipes for Shreds. Hopefully it also is affected by Primal Fury. I LIKE it.

Oh, and I hope we didn’t just lose Omen of Clarity. (Edit: No, we didn’t, just a tooltip clarification.)

  15 Responses to “Build 15640 Druid Changes – My Analysis”

  1. I squee-d upon reading the drastic improvement to Swipe :D

    • I believe that’s appropriate. :)

    • Love, love, LOVE the change to Swipe. While I primarily (I.E.: Do nothing but) heal in groups, I level pretty much exclusively as kitty and that Swipe change will make dealing with huddled mobs a whole heck of a lot smoother of a proposition. Hooray!

    • Now if only we could get an AoE finisher like rogues got Crimson Tempest, I’d be a completely happy kitty. Even better, give us a finisher AND add the CP generation to Thrash as well, and we have ourselves two completely separate and interesting rotations, one for single-target (good old keep Rake up, Shred/Mangle-if-Shred-not-possible, with SR and Rip), and one for AoE (with Thrash instead of Rake, Swipe in place of Shred/Mangle, SR and a AoE finisher instead of Rip).

      And I don’t care if someone says “You just want it because rogues got it”. Crimson Tempest is a great addition to the rogue spellbook and I see no reason why ferals should not get an equivalent ability. If we got that we would actually have an even better AoE rotation then rogues, since they lack an equivalent of Thrash, making their rotation consist only of FoK, SnD and Crimson Tempest.

  2. It’s not premature to talk about our talents that we’ve known about since Blizzcon and haven’t really changed in any significant way since then.

    • Like we discussed in our thread (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4661687953), Liss, I don’t have a problem with talking about them, I do have a problem with prematurely judging them negatively without at least seeing how they work in a group scenario.

      I do apologize though, the way I worded it in the post made my offhand comment come out a bit harshly.

      • I completely disagree, the whining isn’t about the effectiveness and power, it’s about the ability existing.

        If it lives up to its expectations, I will be incredibly disappointed – I will be forced to use it on fights where it’s relevant, just like I’m forced to go bear on deathwing and spine.

        While, if it doesn’t provide the level needed to make it useful in those situations it will be worthless as a talent.

        It’s not about how good or bad it is; it’s about the intention behind the design.

        Granted, you may actually want that design, but I’m definitely in the camp against hybrid play – and I would personally like them to continue on the path of a more focused role.

        • While I find the talent completely useless myself, this makes for a great case of “careful what you wish for” in regards to all the people whining in early Cata about the ToL changes by using the excuse of “but Druids are shapeshifters, it’s their thing” (Even though it isn’t canonically).

          The community should take a big lump of the blame considering a vocal chunk of them was crying about not enough shapeshifting not even a year or two ago.

          • There’s a large and important difference between:
            Hybrid/multiple roles

            Wild Charge, for example, encourages shapeshifting while having nothing to do with being a hybrid. Asking for one is not asking of the other. Conflating the two is blizzard’s mistake. More Wild-Charge like talents would be awesome. HotW and DoC are not.

  3. Honestly speaking: You’ve got no clue if you do not see what’s wrong with HotW/DoC. They are flawed at a conceptual level, and the arguments have been given. You do not need actual playtesting to judge a flawed concept, experience Alone is enough to do this.

    HotW won’t be more than a gimmick, simply because it’s a gamechanging form of utility, i.e. you can change your raid setup while an encounter is in progress, that’s only available to druids. It will be abused whenever possible (and therefore fixed, i.e. nerfed not removed), and useless when not applicable, baring it’s “it’s fun” role. But that’s what minor glyphs are for, not tier 90 talents.

    DoC on the other hand won’t change your rotation, it would need to provide (rotation spell castime)/(healing touch castime) damage boost to be even remotely useful. But that’s not reasonable for PvP balancing reasons (i.e. instant kill), and as for PvE:
    – Restoration druids are already fighting the GCD, weaving in Wrath? Hardly possible.
    – Balance druids? If the bonus is substantial, then it probably will be (baring how dot refreshing plays into it) HT/Ddamage spell. That’s just as monotoneous as our current rotation, just with the mistweaver problem at hands. It’s just that those guys get DoC as a spec defining concept, don’t have the ability (if bonuses are non-negligible and there is no choice) forced into a rotation, which to begin with wasn’t designed with the concept of swapping damage and heal in mind. Mistweaver rotation won’t be such an mess, that any druids rotation will be.
    -Feral? Has the GCD cost to shift back attached. And given the already “complex” rotation, throwing in a HT before a finisher(rip) seems completely awful.

    Right now it’s switching to Monk for me. They have that HoT healing concept down far superior tha druids (Life Cocoon, now I wonder why we only got Ironbark …), have an actual rotation and are not really fighting the GCD – and probably get everything restoration has, baring treeform. And that won’t keep me playing my druid. I’d rather play a class with an underlying concept (druids don’t seem to have one of those for MoP) than one, for which it seems as if each dev had a single ability/talent slot assigned to design for/look at, with communication being entirely prohibited.

  4. It is premature to really complain about the level 90 talents. No talent is going to be a significant dps increase. They are meant to just add utility. I know that many who play one spec have no desire to even touch another spec, but versatility is at least partially what druids are about. While on the surface the talents may seem pointless and completely against what some want to do, they still may end up being incredibly useful. If there is a fight with a flight phase or a point when melee cannot attack a boss, being able to spam spells makes you far more useful than just standing around.

    Now some will kind of take these talents as Blizzard trying to force a playstyle upon them, but we just have to wait and see how things go. No point in getting overly upset for now.

    • “If there is a fight with a flight phase or a point when melee cannot attack a boss, being able to spam spells makes you far more useful than just standing around.”

      The big thing is that everyone’s looking at the talents in a vacuum while ignoring how it may end up playing out in terms of actual fight mechanics. There may well be some dungeon/raid scenarios in MoP where the utility of these spells becomes VERY useful. Heck, there are existing scenarios where I can imagine this being a lot of fun:

      Big niche thing, but this will make soloing Onyxia a lot less of a grind. I remember soloing her as feral back before the buff and the flight phase was a monotonous chore. Being able to HotW and blow her away with ranged for a minute would be fun. This is something that could easily be worked into current tier.

      An obvious spot I could see DoC being very useful right now is Corla in Blackrock Caverns. As a resto, that fight was monumentally boring considering you either got an incompetent group and wiped or got a competent group and could basically coast through the fight with just lifebloom and the occasional Nourish/HT.

      Neither one of these talents is HUGE or anything, but I can see them being fun flavor spells and I’m cool with flavor.

      • You’re talking about looking at the talents in a vacuum, i.e. ignoring how MoP encounters are.
        Sorry to bring it to you, but they’ll be more on the DS/Firelands side, i.e. HotW will be at best useable (no actual advantage) in one fight per tier, and then it’s merely a gimmick.

        Guess what you ignored in your so called vacuum? That there are 10 other classes, which get actualy useful talents, have more baseline utility. Our talent tree gives us what our palent classes get’s on a spec/class level – their trees improve upon those abilities, or provide new – we get old, used, completely non druidic mechanics as our talents. Your vacuum or whatever you call is: you do not leave 10 other classes out of the picture when looking at the talent trees/class design. And if you do so you’d realize that DoC is Mistweaver done completely wrong, HotW will never reach more than a gimmick state, and if it for some obscure reason does, it will be hotfixed immediately (i.e. about 1 hour after the first kill with 10-20 druids). We won’t have better uility. Just take a look at Life Cocoon (or improved Ironbark how I’d like to call it. Mistweavers in general can be referred to as HoT Healing done right) or Void Shift, personal cooldowns like Ascendence, GoAC – all things druids lack but other classes get at a SPEC level, yet we have to spec for those.

        Our trees are awful, blizzard just won’t care before 6.0. It’s just like every goddamn expansion in the past.
        We provide feedback, point out what’s horrible wrong – Our predictions will be 90-100% spot on, and on the dev team everyone is like “uh, we really did not see that one coming”.

        Every freaking other class had at least two passed done to their trees/specs etc, druids? Seems like we get a baby step here and there, and we’ll probably be on paar upon 6.0 release …

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