Apr 152012

As promised, I’ve posted my full thoughts on feral in the beta on the WoW forums here (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4427707211). I encourage you to go read and discuss there; perhaps we can encourage some feedback. (Or perhaps it’ll get deleted like the last long feral thread did. Dunno.) A revised version of that post will also go live on WoW Insider later today, so hopefully there will be a bit of traffic.

  14 Responses to “Full thoughts on feral in Mists (as of 13 Apr)”

  1. I’m unable to post on the US forums but find that most of your opinions agree with what I’d already thought.
    Displacer Beast was a better idea when it had the dot removal attached (seen at first preview).
    Renewal feels awkward, another self heal on button press. Seems a bit too similar to Disentanglement and Frenzied Regneration for bears. 3 spells to regain a % of HP is overkill.
    Cenarion Ward could do with Earth Shield inspiration – give it 3 charges with a longer cooldown perhaps.

    Stampede will be missed and I hope they find a way to add it back but I struggle as to where it’ll be. If Disentanglement gets changed maybe have it giving you a Ravage! proc on shifting to cat as a Feral passive? Adding it to TF (ala T13) makes it seem a bit of crowded spell.
    SR – Its hard to keep it as 80% white damage now that 100% white damage is baked into Cat form but unless it gets changed so that bleeds automatically update when SR is applied/fades then its hard to see what to change about it.

    And on the topic of mandatory glyphs, 20% healing in Cat is one and Infected Wounds glyph is another for PvP. I tried a few duels on the ptr (and while the lag is always higher for me there) I really felt like the old range bug was back in full force without it.

    • As far as I’m aware, feral’s get infected wounds base still, the glyph just lets bears/resto/moonkin get a snare in those forms.

      The range bug is likely a combination of the mop server being very laggy and (maybe) some changes they made to player positioning updating.

      Cat should just have the 100% weapon damage removed and moved back to abilities. We have way too much passive damage.

      They also don’t need to tie stampede into anything, it could just be a feral only ability that every 30 seconds makes ravage non-positional/conditional until you use it. While it’s on cooldown ravage has it’s normal conditions and positional requirements.

      The cooldown would not be triggered if you used ravage during incarnation or stealth.

      There’s no limit to what they can do to fix all these issues.

      • Infected Wounds used to be a Feral passive but it changed to the Glyph a few builds ago.
        While still listed on the official calculator, current Beta and mop.wowhead no longer show it within the spec bonuses.

        • They don’t show it in the spec bonuses but it exists in the feral spellbook (not the guardian spellbook) and blizzard have said they are no longer showing every spell you get in the spec bonus page.

          So feral still get infected wounds baseline, the glyph is for the other specs.

  2. I also posted, hope your post gets some views, it’s the thread I’ve agreed with most so far.

  3. So what is it that makes the Starcatcher Compass better than Sigil? I’ve done a bunch of tests, and I find that the Sigil is better than the Compass.

  4. I can’t post on the US forums either :-/ I do hope the thread will get attention; it seems like for the last couple of patches, ferals (specifically cats) have been strangely absent from any sort of discussion, watercoolers, etc on Blizz’s side – and that although there were and are issues.

    My impression is that we’ve become such a niche spec (look at the few comments on your WoW Insider article) that nobody really cares anymore, as the hardened few who cling to cat spec will make the best of it anyway, no matter what they throw at us…

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