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  • Melee hit/exp cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 2550 (7.5%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 2040 (6%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses. The PvP hit/exp cap is 3%, or 1020.
  • Dual wield hit cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 9180(27%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 8500. (25%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses.
  • Spell hit cap for level 90 Mists of Pandaria characters is 5100 (15%) for raid/level 93 bosses, 4080 (12%) for 5-man heroic/level 92 bosses.
  • Racials: Draenei get a free 1% hit for all weapons. Certain races get a free 1% expertise for certain weapons.
  • The whole odd Expertise/Expertise Rating thing is gone, it works just like Hit now.
  • Pets fully inherit your hit/exp ratings and combine them to get their ratings. This means if you have 15% hit and 0% exp (warlocks), a melee pet will still be hit/exp capped.

EDIT: Since this is apparently a popular search result page, I’ve gone back and updated this table with the correct numbers for Level 90; in early beta, all the combat ratings were higher, but were reduced by about 15% across the board.

Remember, these stats are before diminishing returns: See Theck if you want more DR math than your head can handle. The general TLDR idea fir tanks is stack avoidance stats for best overall survivability but more RNG; stack offensive stats for more control over your active mitigation but slightly more total damage taken.

85 (1% Gain) 90 (1% Gain) Stat
265.08 885 Dodge
265.08 885 Parry
88.36 295 Block
102.45 340 Hit/Spell Hit
102.45 340 Expertise
128.06 425 Haste
179.28 600 Crit
179.28 600 Mastery (but varies for some specs)
322.58 1259.52 Agility needed for 1% crit
648.91 2533.66 Intellect needed for 1% crit
243.58 951.15 Agility needed for 1% dodge (druids/monks), Strength needed for 1% parry (paladin/warrior/DK)
95.22 310 PvP Resilience
N/A 265 PvP Power (note: PvPP is half as effective for heals, so 530 for +1% healing done)
  • Boss armor at 93: 24835

If I’m incorrect/missing something, let me know.

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  12 Responses to “Mists of Pandaria Combat Ratings (updated 30 Aug)”

  1. What, in particular, doesn’t look so great?

  2. How are things looking with the change to Savage Roar? Does it actually increase our dps now that it’s back to a flat 30% damage increase or did they just nerf our damage 30% to compensate?

  3. Our damage was nerfed to make room for the SR changed. Energy regen seems very low right now. The loss of the Ravage proc from feral charge makes for a slow and kind of clunky openers. Mangle is useless for PVE, but required for Soloing.

  4. With mangle no longer debuffing targets, I have no clue why it still exists with shred. They should either be baked into one ability or shred should just be done away with. It seems kind of ridiculous to have them both.

    Also energy regen might be a bit low since our stats take a steep nosedive once we hit 86. I think they basically get cut in half still wearing 410 gear.

  5. Pretty much what Tinder/Suh has already said. No Stampede, SR going back to the BC/WOTLK model of being essential, and lolMangle. Getting actual numbers and comparing them to live is a bit difficult at the moment with no addons (WoL works, sorta), and probably irrelevant anyway as the Massive Balancing Patch (TM) that drops a month before release will change all the numbers up.

    Essentially, though, there’s no new shiny. We don’t have anything to look forward to at the moment, unless there’s a lvl 89/90 ability that hasn’t been released yet (doubtful).

  6. Well, we do have Symbiosis to look forward to at 90. While we haven’t gotten much else, this is going to be a pretty major ability if it doesn’t get nerfed.

  7. Sadly Mangle is still going to have a place in our tool box for 3 reasons.
    1. So we can still kill things while solo questing.
    2. So Blizzard doesn’t have to make special “Considerations” for us like, Ultraxion, Sinestra, Rag, Madness, Spine….and so on. Same reason why blood letting is baked into mangle and shred now.

    I dislike that the excuse used is they want to give us a “choice” to use one or the other. In reality we will never used Mangle unless the encounter forces us too. Because of server + client lag the entire mechanic of behind is clunky to begin with (worse in pvp).

    I would like to see something like remove Shred and make Mangle a smart attack. It should do full damage on rear attacks, and less damage on front attacks. Reward skill with out having the penelty for lag or server + client disagreement be so high. This won’t stop Blizzard from making another 4-5 front facing bosses, but at least it would be less clunky.

    • A smart attack is a good idea, though personally I’d rather see Shred being given that treatment and Mangle removed. The sound and animation of Mangle never made any sense to me.

  8. Stupid typo. 2 reaons.

  9. Do you have any information what the armor reduction formula for MoP will look like?

    armor/(armor+2167,5*level-158167,5) is definitely not working any more at lvl90

    Was not able to find any info on that topic. Not even at EJ.

  10. […] try to add other proc rates in here when I find/confirm them. I also went back and updated the table of combat ratings, since apparently it’s the highest search result on […]

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