Apr 172012

(Technical non-WoW stuff. TLDR: new website design.)

I’ve been planning a site redesign for a while, but never got around to doing it. Unfortunately, the WordPress theme I was using was obsolete when I implemented it a couple years ago, which meant every change I’ve made to it has been (poorly) hacked in. I’ve got some big plans for Mists of Pandaria, and the theme I was using wasn’t going to let me implement a lot of what I wanted to do. I’ve been messing around with it on an on-again, off-again basis since January, and I’m finally ready to go into open beta. :) (A big thanks to Samara Dionne for helping with the new logo; now I just need to actually come up with a header that isn’t me scribbling in Photoshop.) I’m still working on several things, so fair warning. Some of the older content is going to look very odd.

Let me tackle the questions upfront.

Ads? WTF, man?

Sorry. I tried going the donate model for a long time, and, while quite a few of you chipped in and donated (which I am very thankful for), it hasn’t nearly covered the site’s costs. Roughly 80% of my traffic is people that come here from Google/Yahoo, read a guide or two, and leave…and that’s who the ads will be for. For the other 20% of you, well, ¬†they’ll block with an adblocker, and I’m working on a method to not show them to loyal viewers. Of course, you could click them if you like. :)

I liked the old theme! Can I change back?

I liked it too, but that code did so much noncompliant stuff it wasn’t funny.

Are you still writing about feral stuffs?

Yes, the *blog* will still be mostly feral info, though a lot of my long-form columns will still likely end up over on WoW Insider. The *site*, however, will have a set of guides for all four specs, at the beginner-to-intermediate level. By FAR, that’s the biggest request I’ve gotten. I’ll start putting those up as the mechanics in the Mists beta solidify a bit.

Sidenote: Looking for good druid blogs to link to, as always. Especially feral ones.

How can I be awesome like you?

Write your own FAQ’s where you make up the questions. :P

  11 Responses to “Site redesign has gone live”

  1. It’s a bit… flashy.. :p

    • I like the redesign. I like your work. My only critique, the font/coloring of the title graphic made me think this was a Halloween website.

      Keep up the fantastic work though man, you’re my lighthouse when I’m lost in a sea of “WTF did you do to my druid bliz”

  2. I like it, fresh and funky! :D

  3. I love the colors. Especially love the leaf paw print in the banner. Good job.

  4. Your funny carrot has leaves sprouting from it… disturbing =’/

    Font change is brutal on the eyes, let alone the colors used.

    Ads are fine, most people have pop-up and ad blockers (mine turns them into cat pictures!), so all is well there.

    Thank you for keeping the forums the way they look; I love the lay-out… not to knock your blog-y section, but it’s one of the main parts of coming here, for me.

    I’ve played around a little with the site and the drop downs are nice, though, out of preference, I don’t like wrap-text… but then again, all of this is subjective and opionated.

    At the end of the day, no matter what is said or done, I hope you’re having fun not being in the desert, Alaron ~_*

    • Silly Toro Alaron has been out of the sandbox for a little while now.

      I do have to agree the colors are fine minus the texture that resides behind the main text and sub columns. For some reason the pattern bleeds into the black text at least on my end.

      The comments on the posts do it perfectly by placing the gray box around the text leaving everything much easier to read which might be something to look into.

      Glad to see your moving forward with the plans for the site let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    • Yeah, sigh, agreed. I can’t find anything I really like that’s both readable and aesthetic. I’ve nuked the texture behind the main post content for now, and changed the texture behind the sidebar widgets to a slightly different shade.

    • Oh, and Toro, no major plans to rearrange the forums, though I have a few ideas to add some additional functionality.

  5. You might want to leave the old Cold Bear link up. While his video is now going to be wildly outdated, it was still a very good look at how to play in general. Also, amusing as hell to try and keep up with.

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