May 122012

First, because everyone liked the armored cats and wanted to see the armored bears…

(MMO-C only posted the horde versions. Dunno, looks like a porcupine with taillights to me.)

The latest beta build also has some tweaks to the level 90 talents, as I had expected, and a few other changes.

  • Cenarion Ward now costs 14.8% of Base Mana, down from 22.4%.
  • Dream of Cenarius now proc increase healing done by your next healing spell by 70%, up from 30%. Tranquility is not affected..
  • Nature’s Vigil now increases all damage and healing done by 20% for 30 sec, down from 30%. Single target spells now damage or heal a nearby target for 25% of the damage/healing done, down from 50%.


  • Rip now has a duration increased by Ravage as well.
  • Feline Grace New: Reduces damage from falling while in Cat Form.

I’m withholding judgement on the healing tier until the final numbers pass, so I’ll let that change go for now. Dream of Cenarius now buffs healing as well, which will make resto/balance hybrid attempts somewhat workable. I dislike the design, but it could probably work for casters. Once they settle on a number, I’ll work up a balance DPS rotation and resto HPS rotation that weaves in the opposing spell to see what kind of numbers are possible. DoC is still a non-starter for feral/guardian, though, until it stops shifting us out of form. Of course, DoC won’t buff Tranquility, which I expected, and I further expect that you’ll see AoEs get excluded from the damage portion as well.

Nature’s Vigil took a nerf, which I also expected; NV was clearly better than HOTW at 30% for moonkin and feral. 20% is a good deal closer. We’ll probably need to use sims, since NV gains quite a bit of value when sync’ed with Incarnation (or Berserk, or CA). Sunfyre noted that this drops NV to a 3.3% DPS increase for balance without considering other CD’s (though I think he’s overvaluing HOTW’s passive int).   With the healing nerf, I expect no one will attempt to use it for the healing potential; it’ll just become another DPS CD that also tosses in some passive healing.

On the positive side, Ravage now also extends Rip’s duration, which was also expected (Incarnation would have felt weird, otherwise) and we got Feline Grace back, which…yay? Actually, with no flying mount in Pandaria, that may come in handy from time to time.

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  1. If they exclude AoE from DoC, all it will ever do is slightly increase your DPS if you’re casting wrath out of boredom. There’s no reason to buff a Rejuvenation to overheal even more, and if you actually need 70% on either HT/Regrowth – baleroc would be the only fight allowing for a big enough window to take advantage of that. With AoE’s included, at least restoration may occasionally have wanted to pick up DoC (that is: if it proofs to be a HPS gain, drop the lowest HPS spells from your “rotation” and replace them with a wrath to buff Swiftmend, WildGrowth and Shrooms.)

    Nature’s Vigil now will be used only if we need a burst cooldown, because we’re lacking one on a class level. It’s less of again DPS than HotW, the utility was reasonable for resto only to begin with (25% may not even compete with DoC, if it’s strong enough to allow for alternating Wrath/AoE-Spell).

    My prediction for the next Patch:
    The passive on HotW is reduced to anything below 3%, i.e. we’re back to a more or less useless tier 90 (excluding those fight’s where you need a burst CD).

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