May 182012

So, I’ve been busy with another threequel, (*barbarians are awesome*) but I just got a tip that MMO-Champion says feral’s losing rip. This build’s datamine only at this point, not live, but judging by the datamine tooltip, I’m calling BS on that summary. My guess is that the old rip is now baseline to all non-feral spec and feral spec got a new, harder-hitting rip.

Of course, we’ll see whenever the new build goes up. In the meantime, what I find much more interesting is that Ghostcrawler mentioned IS might come back for balance, in some fashion. Looking forward to it; balance needs something to complicate the rotation a little, as it’s been simplified quite a bit.

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  7. Don’t Panic, Insect Swarm? – The Fluid Druid

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