Jun 042012

So, I took a week off from blogging/WoW to play Diablo 3…and then things went crazy in real life. Yeowch. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but my wife had to be hospitalized, and what was supposed to be a short stay ended up taking over a week. I’ve barely even touched a computer in the past ten days or so, but will slowly be catching up with stuff (and writing about it!) over the next few weeks.

…if I’m not playing Xenoblade Chronicles. Damn friends and their capacity to pick great games to tempt me with. :) I’ve sunk about 50 hours into D3, enough to level a barbarian to 60 and get through Hell Diablo, and Inferno just really isn’t that appealing to me.

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  5 Responses to “I have returned (low content)”

  1. Well, hope everyone is better now. Had been wondering where you were.

  2. Welcome back, and I’m glad the fam is recovering (nicely?). I was seriously missing my moonkin coverage fix. Hopefully we’ll start hearing about the lvl 90 talents now that lvl 90 is opened up.

  3. Woops, I only see this now. Should check more often. Good to hear you’re back, I hope your wife is ok or at least recovering from whatever happened!

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