Jun 122012

If you missed the livestream, you can now download the podcast here. I have to work on breaking all my military communications discipline habits for these things; I always wait for the channel to clear so I can talk, and, well…

Either that, or Fasc and Sunfyre just talk way too damn much. :P

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  1. It takes some getting used to. Eventually you learn that if you just start talking everyone else will shut up. Heh.

  2. Hey Alaron, I have a question. What’s the deal with Wild Charge? I look on Wowhead and all the tooltip says is “Fly to a nearby ally’s position.” Is this all it does, or does it still grant an effect based on your spec/shapeshift form? I am not in beta, so I have no way to test this for myself. If the effect does vary based on spec/form, do ferals still get that free ravage? If not, do we at least get some replacement for Feral Charge?

    • One thing to note about the datamining sites is they have problems with tooltips that change based on spec/form. (All the Monk abilities, for example, are all listed with Mana costs, even though they only cost Mana in the healer stance, and cost energy in the dps/tank stances.) It’ll all get ironed out for live; in the meantime, here’s all the other WC tooltips:


      (Oh, and no, no more free Ravage, except during Incarnation. Pity.)

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