Jun 062012

(I know, I know, old news, but I’m catching up.) Hit up the modelviewer as well, since the human model doesn’t really do it justice. I definitely like it better than any of the Cataclysm sets, that’s for sure. Looks like there’s three different accent colors (theoretically, for feral/guardian, resto, and balance) and unfortunately, the agi specs will probably get stuck with the red accents, which I definitely dislike compared to the brown/green. This may even put me off vainly trying to find groups to do 25m Naxx for T7.5, which is the best-looking set currently available (IMO).

  3 Responses to “Tier 14 armor model looks pretty sweet”

  1. Actually, it’s probably more closely aligned with raid difficulty. Ie: Raid Finder, Normal and Heroic. I hope heroic is the dark one, because I like the two lighter shades and don’t do heroic raiding.

  2. As Myst points out, the colours are definitely going to be aligned to raid difficulty, as we have with DS right now – currently it’s Yellow/Blue/Red for LFR/Normal/Heroic difficulties, so I imagine it’ll be the same for this. At a guess I’d say the lightest shade will be from LFR, while the darkest will be from Heroic.

  3. Yeah, I didn’t even think about scaling off difficulty, dur. I haven’t even LOOKED at what my toon is wearing really. Typically, the only things I actually notice and go “oh hey that looks cool” is weapons. I’m more of a “numbers and stats” guy.

    This upcoming tier is changing my mind though.

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