Jul 202012


So, theĀ Twisted Nether Blogcast has this thing where they interview WoW bloggers, and it’s my turn. :) Come hear me wax lyrical, or at least grumble a bit, this Sunday at 11pm ET.

Maybe I’ll actually write a blog post between now and then and be considered a blogger still! Yay! (I blame Blizzard for not making more interesting druid changes. Seriously. It has nothing to do with the coincidental Steam sale that I most definitely have not bought ten games from.)

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  1. Congrats mate! I have been thinking about starting up a blog myself. I have been following you and several others for years now. I would like to hear some suggestions for those who are starting or advice, that sort of thing.

    Good luck.

    • Frostheim covered this very well here: http://www.wowhuntershall.com/2011/07/25/how-to-start-a-wow-blog-pt-1-nuts-and-bolts/
      Read the whole series, but my brief comments:
      1) Write for yourself. You will have 0 traffic at first, unless you’re popular for some other reason.
      2) Write consistently. Most WoW blogs I see write a lot for 2-3 months, and then flame out. I generally don’t bother adding a blog to my reader unless they’ve been writing consistently for 5-6 months. Finding motivation to keep going can be tough.
      3) Comment! Go round to other blogs, the WoW forums, WoW Insider, etc. and establish a presence. Every once in a while, say “I talked more about this topic on my blog here.” If your comments are compelling, people will come see what you have to say.
      4) ???
      5? Profit! (Still waiting for this part.)

      • Yeah good advice. I have been following you (and other blogs) for years now. I also listen to a wide variety of pod casts. All the listening and reading I do has made me release that I have a lot to contribute. Many dicussions and topics covered by people often lack a certain perspective / point of view or depth and accuracy that I feel I could provide.

        I want to start a blog but the problem is finding the time between work/uni/social life/other activities. So I have started doing what you suggested, getting my name out there and commenting and contributing to the community.

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