Jul 262012

I’ve completed the guide page for the Mists of Pandaria druid talents, locatedĀ here. Feel free to check it out and comment as you see fit; I’ll be revising it as talents change for the beta.

Also, I know everyone in the world’s covered it already, but just in case you missed it, the travel form model is now a stag by default. Previously, you had to glyph it to get that effect; now, though, they apparently like it enough that it became the default, and you have to glyph if you want the old cheetah form back. You can also glyph to allow your stag form to be ridable by others, if you choose. Works for me; cheetah and cat were too similar for my liking. Hit the link for pics.

(man, defaults to stag sounds like me in college.)

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  4 Responses to “Druid talent analysis up, travel form defaults to stag”

  1. I will settle out-of-forums for a ride-able cheetah glyph. I’ve wanted that ever since I first saw Harold and Kumar.

    • From what I remember, you can’t have both mounting and cheetah glyphs active at the same time. Its either stag (default), ridable stag (Glyph of…something) or original cheetah (Glyph of the Cheetah).

  2. This is something a friend and I were discussing many months back. Cheeta andc at cat are very similar and we were surpized that Blizz hadnt changed it sooner. Or even done seperate forms for tauren / NE.

    Stag is a good choice and something new to look at.

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