Jul 242012

So, my column this week for WoW Insider was a “wait, why am I playing this class again?” screed, and it apparently struck a communal nerve. My columns don’t usually get 90 comments. :)

I don’t think I need to share with this audience why druids are awesome (Seal form + Vash’jir…fun times) but I just wanted to reassure people that I wasn’t going anywhere. Yes, I have a brand-new monk blog; yes, I’ve been enamored with them lately. As of right now, though, I don’t see my monk getting past “main alt” status. I just love Flying Serpent Kick. :)

Anyway I’m beginning work on the full guide pages that will be up for the Mists release, so you’ll start to (finally) see more options appearing on the drop-down menus. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, let me know!

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  3 Responses to “Why do you play a druid?”

  1. The biggest reason is that its one of the very few classes I still enjoy playing after so many years of gameplay.
    That and I have too many achievement points on it to ditch it :p

    My only other alternative would be a Rogue, but it would be a downgrade.

  2. I love playing my druid because of the utility. 4 roles. Roots, hibernate, cyclone, brez, tranquility, innervate. What other class can save the day so much? haha.

    I love feral cat because of the challenge it requires to be competitive. It’s a nice personal sense of accomplishment when I do as well or better than people who have a better angle on a fight. I played Warlock for many years, with various alts, but when I started playing feral, and especially after watching Coldbear’s old superfast videos, I was hooked.

  3. Druids are pretty OP. Especially feral.

    My druid was the 1st character I rolled and is my main to this day 4.5 years later.

    I remember when I was 1st leveling. I was casting wrath and moonfire to kill mobs, as you do, so I put my 1st 3 talents into improved wrath. My friend, who got me into wow, told me to go feral because that was the best spec to level as. So I leveled as feral with 3 points in improved wrath until the mid 60’s because I didn’t know about repsecing haha.

    I know alot more today than I did back then. Good times.

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