Aug 232012

Aggixx, who is maintaining the feral branch of SimulationCraft, helpfully shared this recently. (There’s some more detailed info in the thread on my forum here.)

DPS Chart

What does this tell us? (Remember, all of these rotations are still being tweaked in SimC, and Blizzard could still adjust abilities as well.)

  • A Dream of Cenarius rotation remains the theoretical best after the nerf, but only by a narrow margin. It looks to be a 3-4% DPS advantage, but it ¬†remains to be seen whether the full DoC rotation can be implemented under actual raid conditions.¬†Heart of the Wild and Nature’s Vigil appear to be relatively equal in terms of DPS benefits.
  • Soul of the Forest is also 3-4% stronger than the other two options, and unlike DoC, there’s no rotational change imposed by using it. At this point, I see no reason to take Incarnation/Force of Nature for DPS-maximization unless the fight mechanics explictly favor it. Force of Nature is very slightly ahead of Incarnation, by roughly 1%.
  • There is a less than 10% difference between the “worst” set of talents and the “best” set. This is a good thing; the vast majority of players will be able to pick the talents they prefer most.
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  7 Responses to “A feral DPS talent comparison from build 16010 after DoC nerf”

  1. So stoked to hear about Soul of the Forest. I prefer passive abilities, less shit to worry about. I also feel that SotF adds a bit of smoothness to the rotation due to more energy regen.

    I don’t think DoC will have that much of an impact. With a macro, its just 1 more key to press in the rotation, it’s the timing that will make it difficult.


  2. Hi! I love your blog, I recommend it to everyone and I check it frequently for updates to keep myself updated on my cat. I have been reading up a lot on the specs, rotations and changes to 5.0.4. but I do wonder, how will the stats work?

    I’m currently using mastery>haste>crit leaving hit/expertise out because those stats are the best for the bossfights I like in Dragon soul and it works the best for me. However will it still be possible to leave out hit/expertise and how about the other secondary stats? Would love a respond to this, I can’t find anything anywhere!

    • Wen,

      Thanks for the kind words. About stat weights…well, we’re still working those out. You’ll likely have a different set of stat weights for Dream of Cenarius and non-DoC, since DoC increases bleed damage by so much (which significantly increases the value of mastery). Overall though, everything looks to still be pretty close in value, so you should be free to hitcap or not hitcap as you prefer.

      • Ah, thanks for the answer! That sounds really cool. I haven’t yet tried a level 90 so I’m not sure how DoC is going to work for me. Currently I’m just trying to figure out whether Incarnation is worth it or not.. If using incarnation, should ravage be the combobuilder during the duration and also keeping pounce bleed up with Rip/Rake or shall I leave the talent out completely and go for the passive energy gain talent?

        • Yes, you would swap in Ravage for Shred during Incarnation. (Don’t use Pounce.) Overall, though, SOTF is slightly better than Incarnation, so pick Incarnation only for fights with big burst phases.

          • Alright, thank’s alot! Why not pounce though? 18 sec duration, short GCD? But alright, I’ll listen to your advice. Probably going SOTF full out on Wednesday’s raid (and Inc for Ultra? :S), just wanna beat them all to the ground :D

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