Aug 162012

Another day, another patch.

Build 15983, changes from MMO-C:

  • Mangle now does 280% weapon damage, up from 250%.
  • Rake damage increased by 23%.
  • Wrath damage increased by 12% and SP scaling (111.6% of SP) added.



Balance & Restoration


Feral sees a big buff here: Rake was already ~25% of our damage, so buffing that by 23% will add a significant amount of DPS. I won’t be surprised if Feral is topping the charts (or close to it) after SimulationCraft incorporates that change. (Enjoy it while it lasts!) I’m not convinced that the developers are going to let the Dream of Cenarius feral playstyle (use an instant HT after every PS and NS) stand, as it massively overpowers the other two talent options.

Balance gets a similar buff split between Starfire and Wrath, but they were already down near the bottom after the last set of changes. Think they might need a little more of a kick.

Resto gets a semi-nerf to Wild Mushroom which makes the planting of 1 or 2 mushrooms significantly less efficient (Instead of paying 3% mana per mushroom, you pay 10% for the bloom). Perhaps this is a precursor to changing WM to a single charge, which I think would be greatly appreciated.

Guardian gets a Mangle buff, though I haven’t kept up on tank DPS numbers lately so I don’t know how significant that is.

Oh, last and definitely least, the Displacer Beast cooldown got cut again, which still won’t change anything. As I’ve discussed before, the problem with DB isn’t the cooldown, it’s the base ability that’s terrible. If it gets a threat drop like Feign Death, or a DoT wipe like Vanish, then it will begin to catch my attention. Maybe I’m just not creative enough to see how it could be used offensively?

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  1. Seeing how other classes ahead of moonkin on the simcraft numbers got bigger DPS buffs than moonkin got in the last patch, it doesn’t do anything to moonkin class balance.

  2. Because of the buffs to rake, does this increase the value of mastery?


    • Because of DoC Mastery is already our best stat by far (which was what the Dev’s said 2 months ago). The buff doesn’t change anything really other then you need to stack it as soon as you reach hit/exp caps. You have to hit those because our rotation is still pretty tight and misses can be costly.

      I also agree with Alaron that I see DoC taking a Feral nerf pretty soon to make up for the Rake change.

      • Just to clarify, does the 50% healing bonus from NS stack with the 30% healing bonus from DoC?

        Also, the lates simcraft takes the DoC. How is this talent a dps increase over HotW?


  3. DoC could still be brought down “nearer” the other two choices but it has to be noticably better or no one would take it due to the added complexity on the feral rotation.

    That being said, I would mind having other choices in the last tier of talents.

    Today’s simcraft numbers are up, feral is higher, but not at the top. #8 @ 123715 DPS

  4. I really hope you’re right about where Wild Mushroom is heading. They were going to make us spawn 5 at one point, having to only spawn one would make me really happy with Resto.

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