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Since I think the talent tiers are about as done as they’re going to be, (though I hope Displacer Beast still gets changed, for its owns sake) I went ahead and wrote up a longer article on the first three Druid talent tiers for balance and feral. You can find it over on WoW Insider, as always. Next week, I’ll tackle Tier 4-6, and hopefully get some reasonably solid SimulationCraft numbers. Last time I checked, I think balance favored Incarnation and feral favored FoN, but that was a while ago and they’ve made changes this then.

I’d like to discuss Heart of the Wild some more as well, but I don’t have a good feel as to where it is in terms of off-role performance. (I’m not talking about the passive buff. That’s boring and OP.) I’ve heard 50-60% thrown around; if anyone has any date, I’d be interested in seeing it.


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  1. Tier 1
    For my dps spec I chose Feline Swiftness’s. I like having the passive mobility. However as I was playing through the beta I found that I really missed Feral Charge. So I think I will be taking Wild Charge over Feline Swiftness’s. I have dash/ stamp roar and engineering boost to compensate.

    I feel that Wild Charge is almost necessary for tanking just because it was been apart of the toolkit for so long and has its place. I like how it has a use in every form. The winged animation you see when used in humanoid form looks like a priest life grip.

    Tier 2
    Again I went with two different options for each spec; Cenarion Ward for dps and Renewal for tanking. While questing on the beta the interactions between Barkskin, predator’s swiftness and Cenarion Ward worked really well together. With very little down time I was able to keep things going at a good pace.
    I chose Renewal for my tank spec because I liked the idea of having another “oh shit” button. .

    Tier 3
    Originally I was stoked to get a knock back. But once I got it found it wasn’t as great as I thought it was (the grass is rarely greener). But I did find it useful for kiting. Typhoon + Ursols Vortex + dash = huge distance. I haven’t had a chance to try it out tanking in a dungeon yet, but I can see its usefulness increasing.

  2. Hey, you’re feline swiftness info is out of date in that post, it stacks with EVERYTHING now. In fact, most of the speed boosts in the game stack on top of each other now, there used to be set categories that didn’t stack with each other, but most of those now stack surprisingly (there are still a couple, like drums and worgen sprint that don’t).

    Seems they realized the bonus was garbage, it’s actually very compelling in pve, and even and may even compete with wild charge in pvp (especially for flag running).

    • Dammit, Terias, why ya gotta go prove me wrong. :) Ugh, now to go back and edit everything again. I hate beta. (Not really.)

  3. Looks like balance can really take either incarnation or soul of the forest, depending on gear levels:

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