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Not saying it’s going to be the ONLY one…but this feels like the one where the developers have cut off rotation design and are working on balancing said rotations.

Notes from mmo-c, as usual, with my thoughts after.

  • Cat Form now increases movement speed by 25%, up from 15%.
  • Mangle now does 400% normal damage, down from 420%.
  • Moonfire damage reduced by ~3% and additional damage reduced by ~6%.
  • Starfall damage reduced by 4%.
  • Wrath damage reduced by 1% and SP scaling removed from the tooltip.


  • Dream of Cenarius now grants 50% (was 40%) damage your next 2 Moonfire or Sunfire casts and 50% (was 30%) increased damage by your next 2 melee abilities.


  • Celestial Alignment grants you the simultaneous damage benefit of both your Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, increasing damage done by your Nature and Arcane spells by 15% (was 20%).
  • Starfall damage reduced by 4%.
  • Starfire damage reduced by 4%.
  • Starsurge damage reduced by 4%.
  • Sunfire initial damage reduced by 4% and additional base damage reduced by 8% and SP scaling reduced by 4%.


  • Shred now does 400% damage plus 62, down from 420% damage plus 62.


  • Vengeance now works off of 2% of the unmitigated damage rather than 5% of the damage taken. Now has a 20 sec duration and no cap on a percentage of your health.

Cat Form change was unexpected; I don’t think anybody had mentioned druids needing speed boosts.We’ll have to retest how cat + feline swiftness + boot enchants/PvP set bonii work again.

Feral got a very minor nerf: Mangle/Shred damage dropped about 4%, which is probably about a 1% overall DPS reduction. The movement speed buff will increase uptime which will probably more than compensate for that.

Balance got hit much harder, about a 5% overall DPS reduction. Was necessary; casters (more mages and locks) were riding pretty high. Overall, I’d say Blizz is targeting about 100k DPS this tier (for fully-heroic geared DPS’).

Guardian Vengeance change we already knew about; that 2% damage thing is good, as it removes the whole “negative scaling with avoidance” thing.

Resto is apparently fine? :P

Ugh, I may have to seriously consider Dream of Cenarius for feral now, especially if you can proc it off of NS and PS.

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  1. DoC was already a DPS up with the previous change. However the up was maybe 1k dps. With the extra effor required it wasn’t screaming “I’m worth it!” Now it maybe. I am planning on doing testing tonight on those cool new dummies in Shat.

  2. I am quite suprized by the cat speed changes aswell, but not complaining at all. I still think I will take wild change over feline swiftness as I like that kind of play style more.


  3. The 5% DPS reduction doesn’t include the fact that DOC went from 100% to our DOTs to 50% of our DOTs. The DOC builds were sitting more than 10,000 DPS higher than any build without DOC. So, we got hit with more than a 5% DPS decrease if we drop DOC from our builds and also have huge reductions in all of our spells ontop of that.

  4. Can confirm the new Cat form speed still stacks with Feline swiftness, boot enchants and PvP bonus. With all 3 passives Cat form is at 179% and with Dash active 281%. With just boots and Feline Swiftness Cat form is at 155% – I find it hard to believe this is intended, though I welcome it very much.

    On a side not they added back in the new Stag Form ‘bounce’ animation and it also has a /dance

  5. I’ve got a feeling the speed change is a precursor to a change to a Feline Swiftness. I can’t think of another reason for the change.

  6. Maybe not quite the John-Fucking-Madden short mangle debuff of Naxx 2.0 & early Ulduar days but weaving in NS/PS buffed HTs to have DoC buffed rakes and rips is going to be an interesting way of the proverbial seperating of the men from the boys. Especially if OoC procs continue to interfearing with NS/PS procs (confirmed bug or will this slip through the cracks?)

  7. The cat form change is very welcome as i see it. Already in random PvP theres a lot of speed procs and short boosts going on. Cat is fast but having to choose between charge and swiftness was going to be a tough one.

    But like a previous poster i also feel that they are going to change swiftness in some way. Because with the PvP bonus and everything stacking… its just going to be stupid.

  8. So…our top dps / spec now requires us to weave in heals to proc doc damage boosts? Yuk.
    How often? Will this just be done once a min using the talent to allow it to be instant and in cat form? Or will we be messing about shifting in and out (more yuk)?
    Does the damage buff apply to bleeds? If so I assume a rake and a 5 pt rip be best placed for the damage bonus.

  9. This will be several times a minute on top of the NS cooldown. Predatory Swiftness has a chance to proc a free heal in form every time you do a finisher (20% chance per combo point). Every Rip should give you a proc every time, SR most of the time, and FB during BitW phase will give plenty of procs.

    Yes this damage bonus works for the duration of your bleeds. This talant will be a big buff for Mastery.

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