Sep 282012

(xposted on TFD and WoM)

So, the good news is I got two weeks off of work. The bad news is that it wasn’t to play WoW, it was because my wife is in the hospital again. :( Thankfully, since I have no plans to raid at the moment, I’m not under any social pressure, but man. Talk about your funsuckers.

Some quick-hit thoughts from the limited time I did have to play (RAF’d the monk to 80, working through Cataclysm content now):

  • I made a last-minute decision to play my Monk as my “questing” toon, and my Druid as my “dungeon” toon. So, Alamonk (creative, no?) will knock down all the story segments, and Alaron will relearn how to play all the non-feral specs in a group setting again. :)
  • So far, the monk’s been as fun as I expected from the beta, though windwalker remains kinda eh. It works, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still missing something. I’ll have to think on it a bit more. In contrast, Brewmaster is crazy good. I did a couple of Stonecore runs just for kicks, and the whole “manuever to pick up Gift of the Ox” orbs thing is pretty entertaining, especially when you’re AoEing so you get 10-12 lying everywhere. I wish picking them up would be a little more responsive, though.
  • Feral’s pretty fun, but I still don’t like having to SR “before” every questing pull. I’m still going Ravage/Rake/dammitSR.

Once I get to 90, I’ll likely be working on some Ovale scripts for monks, and tweaking all my guides. Anyway, what are your impressions so far?

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  1. I found the levelling experience very grindy but fun at the same time. I noticed that the difficulty of the mobs had increased quite dramatically from when I had played through the beta. By about Kun-lai Summit it was difficult to take down 3-4 mobs at a time. In Dread Wastes you could cleave two mobs down slowly, but if you pulled 3 you were history. I had to really make use Predatory Swiftness, a bit of practise for DoC.

    I also found that I started to find upgrades earlier than what I did on the beta. I think Blizz has done some tweaking to extend the during of the levelling to 90.


    • “I also found that I started to find upgrades earlier than what I did on the beta.”

      Oh man, this. I was just shy of LFR geared on my feral spec and fully decked out in LFR and Valor gear on my resto set. The former’s been fully replaced already with quest and vendor greens (And oh man, I love those vendor greens, makes life much easier) and the resto set is going fast.

  2. I have the druid on hold while leveling a monk — no RaF, but full heirlooms (minus legs). Having a blast with Brewmaster. Looking forward to giving Mistweaver a shot as well. I anxiously await your Ovale scripts!

  3. I love leveling in MoP. I adore new huuuge zones with a lot of small quest hubs, and clear marks ‘you are done here, go to a, b or c’ I’m very happy to see how good new items looks on tauren.
    Sadly, because of lot of work Im still only 87.

  4. I didn’t played on the beta so my take is based on feral is from having leveled all the way to 90 and run some heroics with it. I’m rather befuddled. I loved Wrath and I hated Cata (I played retro almost exclusively in Cata) but decided to come back and try cat again. What frustrates me about cat is that we have extremely low single-target burst outside of berserk. On a boss fight when I can get my various buffs and debuffs rolling along I feel powerful. But if I try to aoe groups of mobs I feel like I’m always energy starved. OTOH, if I focus on single mobs (non-boss) then essentially I put my rotation up and watch while the dots kill the mob. I don’t find that compelling game play.

    So my review is mixed. I think cat does well on boss fights and I bet it turns out to be a real raiding machine. But for normal day to day affairs I didn’t find it compelling. In the end, I think cat is in a better place now than in Cata but not enough to make me take it up full-time and leave being a tree.

  5. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’ve been leveling my feral/guardian druid doing most of the time quests and (when the pvp ganking becomes too much for me) dungeons.
    I’m lvl 89, very close to 90 and it’s harsh for my bear losing around 30% dodge for 4 levels (from 45% to 15) and my cat losing 25% crit also (50 to 25).
    I still use most of dragon soul hc gear, i’ve replaced a few pieces of my gear (not much) but i’m hoping to get better gear soon.

    The leveling has been amazing, Pandaria is really well implemented and some quests are amazing. Of course there’s still a ton of “collect 4 heads from enemys” and enemys won’t drop heads. But it compensated with the fantastic cinematics that some quests have implementend. Predatory Swiftness is very good, I’m always (almost) full of life even if I pull 3-4 enemies at the same time (i still avoid it though since im afraid some alliance comes for me)

    Dungeon wise, i’ve only been tank (instant queue ftw) and they seem fun and interesting. Easy to some degree, enemies don’t hit that hard (or my healers are really good), so most of the time I forget Savage Defense. Still need to try heroic ones.
    I still don’t know the dungeons names, but theres one (I belive its Mogu’shan Palace ) where the final boss (Xin the Weaponmaster) just trows so much stuff at us it’s chaotic, and someone always ends up dying. There’s some clickable objects on the wall during the fight wich i haven’t figure out what they do

    Symbiosis is meh from my point of view. When im tanking the only target i wish for is a paladin for the consecration. Rest of the spells gained are either very long cd or just not useful.

    The pet battles are so fun, I try to avoid going to Orgrimmar too much because i know i’ll end up doing pet battles for a long time.

    Anyway, best wishes for your wife.

    Apocapt feral/guardian Tauren druid

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