Sep 032012

After reading an interesting report on the CBAT II about Rake scaling (thanks Melenkor!), our intrepid theorycrafters got to work and discovered that as of 5.0.4, Rake is now outdoing Shred for damage on the initial hit. Combined with some other rotational tweaks (deprioritizing the extension of Rip for finishers due to SOTF’s cost reduction), this is translating to a 5-10% DPS increase over our previous “best” rotation.

I don’t expect this to stay; it’s clearly an unintended consequence of the Rake buff that occurred late in beta.  Fixing it, though, will be more difficult, as any nerf to Rake would disrupt the balance at level 90. I’d say it’s 50/50 they hotfix it or just wait until a pre-release patch to implement changes;  we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, if you’d like to experiment for yourself, all you need to do is reforge to mastery, then use Shred ONLY if you have less than 5 CP’s and it will extend a current Rip. Otherwise, use Rake for CP generation, and Bite a little more. If that went over your head, no worries: the Ovale scripts are located here. 5.4.11 is the traditional Shred script, 5.4.12 is the Rake-heavy one. Please share your feedback on what increase (or decrease) you’re seeing with these changes.

(And thank Leafkiller/Tinderhoof/Aggixx, they do all the work, I just play nosy reporter.)

Oh, and in other news, I now own the feral sticky on the Druid forums. Yay!

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