Nov 282012

The only significant Druid change in patch 5.1 is the addition of Empowered Maul for Guardians, which Arielle over at TIB has already covered extensively, and Symbiosis buffs coming back for tanks. (All the ability “changes” are just tooltip fixes.)

So, instead of blathering, check this out (h/t Sunfyre for finding this). Treant Form + Fire = TOASTY! (someone needs to check if this works, that’d take this past awesome to hell yeah)

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    It’s pretty funny :D

  2. I actually had no interest in the Treant glyph…until now! I actually prefer healing in caster form, but I’ll probably drop orca for this just for the occasional chance to build a fire to ignite myself with while waiting for extra people in LFR.

  3. It works — my guildmates were toasting marshmallows on me after our run yesterday, lol Seems I kept reigniting just by standing near a cooking fire and not actually on it.

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