Jan 252013

Man, has it really been three weeks since I updated last? What happened to my previous years where it seemed like I had boundless time for everything? (This comic applies; I am definitely in the red zone.) I don’t really have anything game-related to comment about this week, since I haven’t really been keeping up. I did fix the mysterious error that periodically was causing the page not to load, so that’s something. (Bad WordPress plugin! Bad!)

Instead, I’d like to get slightly philosophical for a moment and explore motivations. Most MMO players have heard of Richard Bartle’s “four player types” theory (if not, here’s the original article, and here’s a 30-question quiz). I’d always known I wasn’t much of a killer/socializer type, but I’d always felt I was more of an achiever. Recently, I retook the quiz, and found that “explorer” had rocketed to the top, which stunned me. I’ve never really cared about getting all the World Explorer achievements, for example. I read a little more, and realized that the term explorer covers more than just geography; it covers game systems and mechanics as well.

Now, things started to make sense. Unlike many others, my enjoyment of my game time hasn’t really been tied to multiplayer at all. I’ve done some raiding, but never really formed any lasting relationships. Instead, my enjoyment’s come from two things: understanding the game’s mechanics, and then trying to communicate that understanding to others. These days, though, the mechanics are simpler, there’s more really smart people out there explaining them (hi, Icy Veins!) and with my guild having server-transferred, I have less people I can convince to listen to my ramblings. :) Oddly enough, this leads to a paradox; I like to explain my understanding, but I don’t like to listen to other people explain their understanding, because I like figuring stuff out on my own. (At least, until I get frustrated.)

Still keeping on, though; one of the good things about patch cycles is that there’s always more stuff to figure out. Onward! (Also, if the blog turns into nothing but dungeon soloing and pet battle tips…now you know why. :))