Feb 082013

I’m done with you, LFR.

  • 8 Tsulong kills (excuse me, “redemptions”)
  • 7 Spirit Kings kills
  • 15 tokens used
  • 225+ dailies completed to accumulate said tokens
  • 1 legendary gem sitting in my bag for the past month
  • 1 feral still rocking a blue ilvl 463 staff from scenarios

Random loot is random, understandably, and I’m okay with that. That said, just a little more visibility on the numbers (hey, you need to roll a 90 or better to get loot and you rolled 27…better luck next time) would be great. Either that, or a system where items you already had were excluded from consideration, especially for bosses where they drop 3+ things for your spec.

Ugh. Now that my guild’s disappeared, I might look for a big guild that has the occasional normal-mode PUG I could jump into from time to time. Still don’t have the ability to raid on a set schedule, sadly.


Even with these constraints, I’m still having fun with soloing. I’ve cleared all of Naxx-10 and most of Naxx-25 (can’t do Gluth, Thaddius, or Patchwerk on  25m), and am mostly finished with hard-mode Ulduar-10. Firefighter was quite entertaining. Also knocked out Obsidian Sanctum-2 drake and Ruby Sanctum on 10. Going to tackle one-light Yogg next, then move on to ToC and maybe ICC.

For Brawler’s Guild, I’ve made it all the way to Rank 7 and Dark Summoner (which is doable, but I stopped there because Battletron is likely not).

If you’re looking for more info, The latest Team Waffle podcast had Ahanss discuss some soloing things, and he’s got a great thread over at MMO-Champion discussing soloing (even if his idea of easy is pretty hard, in my view). I’ll probably be writing up my own soloing guides at some point.

Set Bonuses

I haven’t commented on the set bonuses yet, so here they are currently:

  • Druid T15 Feral 2P Bonus (New)  Gives your finishing moves a 15% chance per cp to add a cp to your target.
  • Druid T15 Feral 4P Bonus (New) After using Tiger’s Fury, you gain 40% increased critical strike chance on the next 3 uses of Mangle, Shred, Ferocious Bite, Swipe, or Ravage.

The 2-piece is just…boring? That said, it’s significantly stronger than the T14 4p set bonus (+4 sec to Rip) so you’ll want to upgrade. The 4-piece looks pretty good; a little bit of that old Stampede feel.

Other Stuff

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