Apr 262013
A few people have asked me on an update on my wife’s situation, so I figured I’d share what’s been keeping my attention lately.
WARNING: Personal-type stuff ahead. Your WoW-related content will resume presently.
As long-term readers know, my wife has multiple sclerosis (yes, this is separate from the other medical issues she had last year). We’ve been lucky that the MS has been in remission, but earlier this year that ceased. This time, it’s effectively paralyzed one of her legs. Well, because she’s stubborn, she still tried to get things done around the house, and ended up falling, hitting her head, and getting a concussion. Yay.
So, now instead of going to the middle of nowhere for three weeks on a military exercise, I’ve been working at home to make things more wheelchair-accessible. Thankfully, there’s been no insurance issues, so we’re receiving lots of equipment support (wheelchair, lift for our van, etc). The sheer stress of all the changes, though, has been weary for both of us, as I’ve had to take on all the household responsibilities…oh, and yes, we have a very active 4-year-old.  At least I won’t be out in the field worrying, so that’s one minor benefit.
Once things get settled, I intend to get back to writing more frequently; I’m just stuck at a spot where I don’t have the mental energy to sit down and write the usual overly-researched strategies that are my forte. There’s still a lot I’d like to write about soloing and pet battles, as well as the usual feral things; happily, though, all the really good ferals are holding things down on the forums, so I feel some reassurance in that area. Things will get better…even if I have to do all the laundry myself now. :)
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