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Hey, ferals! Want to ignite, but never had the opportunity to obtain Fandral’s Flamescythe, and don’t have a pocket raid to obtain one? Never fear, the CM’s are here! A few days ago, Crithto let slip on the forums that Burning Seed, previously thought to be unavailable, was actually in-game, like, for reals (whether it’s been in-game since 5.2 or just hotfixed in recently is unclear). After a search, several players located them in the Firelands. After grabbing some myself last night, I figured I’d whip up a quick guide.


A druid (duh). Any spec will work, though Guardian or Restoration will be the easiest. That’s it; you don’t need any other players to pull this off.

Getting There

Take the portal from your home city to Mount Hyjal, and fly to the area marked Sulfuron Spire. The portal to Firelands is at the bottom; make sure you’ve set it to 10-man before entering. Once inside, follow this route, using stealth as appropriate to bypass the trash:

firecat map

Taking out the Trash

The hardest part of this (and really, it’s not that hard, though you might die a couple times figuring it out) is getting through the initial trash event. See map:

alysrazor trash

The key here is the Blazing Monstrosities: these BigBirds(tm) will start spewing what appears to be explosive shells about 10 seconds into pulling anything in here. These hurt. However, they 1) track you, but very slowly, meaning it’s kitable and 2) the explosions damage enemies. As such, you just need to keep yourself alive and let the Monstrosities kill everything. The caster NPC’s need to die first, since they can stun you; you’ll want to use your cooldowns right off the pull to help stay alive. Once those are dead, move back to the Egg Piles and run circles around them until they die from the fire. All this time, the Egg Piles will be spawning little trash mobs; these aren’t much of a threat at 90. Once the Egg Piles are gone, finish off any little adds and then go circle around the Monstrosities until they blow themselves up.

The next part’s easy. Smack Staghelm (or grab a feather, on subsequent pulls) to activate Alysrazor; she’ll rush out, drop a bunch of feathers, and head into the air. Grab three feathers to get flight, and take off, following this route:

firecat map 2Once you get there, hopefully the boss resets, or you’re a Night Elf and can Shadowmeld to reset. If not, you’re not going to have a ton of time before the nest Alysrazor phase starts and kills you. You’re looking for little seeds, which are floating in the lava flow next to the portal. They’re extremely small, so you may need to zoom in. Here’s a few pics so you can see what you’re looking for:



That’s it! There’s typically 3-5 seeds scattered around; they are Unique(5), which means you can only carry 5 at any point. ¬†However, they are also Bind to Account, so feel free to mail some to alts if you want to stockpile. (There’s also no level requirement, so feel free to use it on a low-level druid, too; however, you have to be a druid to loot them in the first place.) As for the Seed itself, when used, it grants the buff Burning Essence for 60 minutes. This persists through death, shapeshifting, basically anything, unlike the buff from the original weapon. Have fun igniting!

firecat in pandaria

Exlipse on wowhead

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  13 Responses to “FIRECATS, HO: A step-by-step guide to getting Burning Seeds”

  1. Excellent guide, I saw one on Youtube that said I had to kill the bosses up to Staghelm, so it’s good to know that I can skip all of that. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Been trying to get a Fireland saved id with no avail. Good to know it’s obtainable without killing the bosses. Thanks for the guide! Gonna give it a shot.

  3. I just tried doing this, but he keeps resetting right when I get airborne. I don’t know if it’s recognizing that there’s no one on the ground, and thus resetting or what, but it’s removing my wings.

  4. Interesting factoid: you must wait until she herself is airborne and the adds spawn before flying, it will otherwise reset and boot you from the air. I got the seeds. :D

  5. Good guide Alaron. Jaymz from Twitter linked a video showing how to get the item without having to clear the Alysrazor trash but you need to be an engineer.

    Enter Firelands and head to the pool of larva and rocks in between Rhyolith’s ramp and Alysrazor area. From there you can jump
    over the rocks to the rim around the “edge” of Firelands. One on the edge follow it around until you are opposite the forecourt where you fight Staghelm (you might need to turn your view distance up). Climb to the top of a high rock on the edge, then jump off and use your Goblin Glider to fly over. Once there you can run up and over to the Staghelm fight and double back to the teleporter.

    Video –

    Map of above description –

    Good luck with your seeds.


  6. This is fantastic, I can’t wait to try it tonight when I get home! When do the seeds respawn? I have low level Druids on other realms and wanted to send them there.

  7. Having a really hard time with this, even watched two different videos. :( Will try again tonight.

  8. BEST THING EVER! Thanks so much!

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