May 092013

So, in case you haven’t been keeping up, Lei Shen drops a fantastic trinket for ferals, the Rune of Re-Origination. By far, it’s our BiS trinket, even in the Raid Finder flavor. However, you’ll need to do some reforging to maximize it’s potential, since you’ll want to get your stats as close to even as possible (with mastery on top) so you get the greatest benefit from the doubling effect. Unfortunately, most reforging calculators out there don’t support this option. If you want, you can try to do it by hand, or force a calculator to help you (aggixx, one of our invaluable contributors, has a Youtube video on this). There’s an easier way, however.

Enter Catus.

Created by Edgy(aka raffy), another of our invaluable contributors, this helpful simulator tool can take care of the math for you. The program’s still in alpha and isn’t documented very well yet, so I’ve made a quick guide to show you how to set it up. You’ll need Java installed on your computer, if it isn’t already.

1. Download the latest version of Catus from this thread in the forums. Once downloaded, extract and run it (Catus.jar). It takes a while to start up the first time because it downloads item information from the Internet; just let it go. Eventually, it’ll open up to the main screen.

2. Import your character by typing in the name and realm, and clicking “Import.”

3. Check the gear listed to make sure it’s what you want (for this scenario, I gave myself a Rune, because I don’t have one yet /cry). Once happy, click “snapshot current profile in the Gear Differences pane.

4. Once you do that, go down to the reforging box: here’s my pre-reforge stats:

As you can see, this is a typical mastery-heavy setup, with about 7.5k worth of non-mastery, resulting in a 15k mastery setup. We can do better. Click Reforge, and watch the magic happen.

Went from 15k to 19k procs..I’ll take it! Feel free to play with the options; if it gives you a Hit/Exp error, you may need to go into the Constraints tab and lower the “lower bound,’ as it’s effectively saying it can’t hit/exp cap you with current gear. Once you’re done, click the Export button to get a list you can import to Reforgerade, or a similar addon. Have fun! Oh, and in case you’re curious, here’s the DPS difference as reported by Catus:





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