May 212013

Made a to-do list for myself for whenever I finally get into patch 5.3, and figured I’d share.

  1. Go get your 3 MoguCoins (because you’ll forget if you jump right into all the shiny new stuff)
  2. Spend your VP on upgrading whatever you want to upgrade. Priority should go to the items with the most stats, aka weapons, trinkets, chest/pants, etc. Upgrading is fairly cheap, so I wouldn’t worry too much about upgrading something only to replace it later.
  3. Queue for Pinnacle LFR (because I still need runestones and a helm for my legendary meta). If you’ve finished through Chapter III of the legendary questline, go talk to Wrathion. Datamined info says that next step is a solo scenario where you visit one of the Celestials, with each Celestial offering a different challenge based on role (melee/ranged/tank/heal). Reward is an ilvl 600 cloak.
  4. Go talk to Loremaster Cho to start the new Battlefield Barrens questchain, and do the two required scenarios.
  5. Port to Barrens and complete quests there. Once complete through Battlefield: Barrens, you can come back to Pandaria and do a quick finishing quest to get some 502 boots.
  6. Find 2 other people and queue for a heroic scenario. The first one you complete has a guaranteed random ilvl 516 item; after that, the first one each day has a chance at a 516, so might start trying to round people up on a nightly basis until I’m in full 522’s/upgraded 502’s.
  7. At some point, go clear out Kara/SSC/TK for the new battle pets, and give the new Brawler’s Guild a try. Got Rank 8 before, interested in seeing the Rank 9-10 guys.
  8. Oh, and check out the new version of Force of Nature.
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