Jun 062013

frustrated catFirst off, my apologies to anyone who attempted to get to the website last Saturday. My hosting provider decided that my site was using too many resources, so they blocked my site and sent me an email…at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Right, I’m going to be on that one immediately. :) Thanks to Twitter friends, I found out what was going on,  made a few tweaks and got them to unblock it Sunday morning. That said,  this is the third time it’s happened, and it’s really annoying that they don’t give me a prior warning so I can figure out what’s causing the resource usage spike. (Remember, Saturday at 6AM…not likely to be user activity, so must be something misconfigured somewhere, but I can’t fix it unless I see the problem happening.) Anyway, I will be looking into new hosting providers to hopefully prevent this from happening again; hope nobody needed an emergency Catus reforge on Saturday.

I’ve got about a month to get things sorted, as I’ll be transitioning in mid-July into pre-deployment leave/pre-deployment prep/deployment. Unlike last time, I won’t say my goodbyes; I have a much better idea of what I’m getting into, and I know I’ll have time to blog once all the dust settles from the move. (Hopefully not famous last words.) Either way, though, I won’t have much to say from mid-July through mid-September, or therabouts.

In cheerier news, I’ve finally secured a 502+ helm, so I’m seeing the benefits of the metagem for the first time, and it’s quite nice. Other than that, though, I’m already bored with 5.3. The stuff in the Barrens is fun once, but there’s not enough depth there to encourage replayability; now that I’ve completed it twice, there’s not even a meaningful reward to earn save transmog gear and Valor Points.  I loved the few heroic scenarios I did, but interest in those has dropped off; I can’t find people in Trade anymore who want to run one, and my guild of working professionals is hit-or-miss on when they’re around. So…yeah. Still need to do the new Brawlers bosses, though, so at least that’s something. Keeping a feral rotation going on Hexos is frustratingly fun. :)

Oh, and before I forget, the Team Waffle podcast is hosting a Feral Roundtable this Saturday at 11 AM PST; there’s an active thread on the forums here for question submission, so feel free to ask whatever suits your fancy. Our own Tinderhoof (yes I still claim him) will be participating, along with several other heroic PvE/high-rated PvP players. I’ll link to it again when the recording goes up, but if you don’t get your question into the thread, feel free to pop into their twitch stream during the broadcast and ask then!

(I also forgot to link Edgy’s interview a few weeks ago; check it out for some more perspective on Catus and the hard-knock feral life.)

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