Aug 112013

A quick personal note: I am no longer going on my unit’s deployment. Instead, I’ve been kicked up the ladder and am doing the same job I was doing at a higher-level organization. (I hesitate to call it a “promotion” because even though it’s a job with increased duties and responsibilities, the concept of promotion has a specific meaning in the military.) Between untangling all of the new work issues I get to deal with, preparing ¬†for a move to a (hopefully) handicapped-accessible house, and getting my son ready to start school, I’ve been so slammed that I haven’t even touched WoW for weeks, let alone raid. As always, the forum is staying active, so keep on keeping on and I’ll rejoin the discussion at some point in the future. Hopefully.

I am planning on updating the guides on the site for 5.4 in the near future, but I’d like feedback on the gear list. That’s typically the thing that takes the longest amount of time to do, and I’d appreciate any input (of course, if you don’t use it and prefer wowhead or AMR, that’s also relevant input. :)) Updates to non-feral material will depend on time/motivation, neither of which I have in abundance at the moment.

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  1. rest assured, I use yours religiously. I send any new ferals asking questions to these forums without fail as well. I am sure it’s lots of work, but please know it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for all you do for us kitties.

    • I’d like to second this. I’d be lost without this forum and all the information and gear lists etc., and I promote it at every opportunity :-)

  2. The 5.2 gear list was good in that it listed all the listed all of our options. I would suggest either at the top or bottom of the 5.4 gear list you add a BiS gear list with the off-piece listed as well.

  3. I know that military men rarely shy away from deployment, but as a mom, and one who understands what your being there for your family means to you and them, I’m glad you’re staying put.

  4. You can use my PTR gear finder as a starting point: — it’s unfiltered and not designed to be accessed frequently, but it should give you all the raw information.

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