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It’s normally a tradition of mine to do a “what you need to know” post and a “gear list” post for each major patch that comes out…but real life is still kicking my ass, so you get this abbreviated list of mostly links to better resources.

    • For a general list of things that’ve changed, my 5.4 changes posts on WoW Insider from a couple months ago are still relevant. (part 1, part 2)
    • DoC vs. HOTW vs NV: After spending most of the PTR being inferior to HOTW, a late buff pushed DoC back on top and NV into spitting distance of HOTW. Same guidance from 5.2 applies – Take DoC if you can manage the additional rotational complexity (either via player skill or an easy fight), take HOTW if you don’t want to risk the DoC rotation or you have a use for the HOTW cooldown. I personally run HOTW. Nature’s Vigil is now decent if you use it on cooldown. More discussion here.
    • SotF vs Inc vs FoN: Incarnation still sucks (and it actually is worse now than it was in 5.2). FoN and SotF are now roughly comparable – FoN pulls ahead slightly (2-3%) if  you have Rune of Reorigination and drop all the treants during a Rune proc. More testing is needed to see if it’s superior for all gear configurations.
    • Nature’s Swiftness is gone and is replaced with a passive slow HoT, Ysera’s Gift. The optimal choice will be based on encounter. For steady incoming damage, use YG; for frequent bursts of damage, use CW; for infrequent heavy bursts, use Renewal.
    • Trinkets: VERY complicated topic, but a rough stab at an order would be Rune, Ticking Ebon Detonator, Haromm’s, Assurance of Consequence, H Renataki’s, H Juju, Thok’s, Discipline of Xuen. Raffy has a list of pairs here, which is a better way to sort these things. Catus has also been updated to v15 with 5.4 support. Really, you need to do a trinket priority list for each encounter – I suspect AoC will be more broadly useful than Haromm’s even if Haromm’s is slightly better in the sims.
    • Also from that thread, Raffy’s rough guess at a BiS list is below. There’s lots more gear discussion in this thread. Enjoy!

Head: [574] Headpiece of the Shattered Vale
Neck: [580] Immerseus' Crystalline Eye
Shoulder: [574] Spaulders of the Shattered Vale
Back: [608] Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen
Chest: [574] Raiment of the Shattered Vale
Wrist: [580] Bomber's Blackened Wristwatch
Hands: [574] Grips of the Shattered Vale
Waist: [580] Cord of Black Dreams
Legs: [580] Riou's Vigilant Leggings
Feet: [580] Pandaren Roofsprinters
Finger 1: [580] Kil'ruk's Band of Ascendancy
Finger 2: [580] Ring of Restless Energy
Trinket 1: [549] Rune of Re-Origination
Trinket 2: [580] Haromm's Talisman
Main Hand: [582] Hellscream's Pig Sticker

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  1. I find it quite frustrating, all of these people everywhere saying incarnation isn’t a good talent choice. I have given all 3 serious attempts in raiding situations, and for me, incarnation comes out on top, i’m 545, holding 180k easily, but when i switch to soul, i go back down to 130k-140k.

    I’ve come to the conclusion, people aren’t using it right.

    I have a macro to pop beserk, beserking (racial) and incarnation together, at the start of the fight i do so, 5 combo points, savage, hold off on the instant heal, 5 combo points (by now my mastery boost trinket has popped) instant heal for the bonus, rip and rake. 5 again, still easily reachable before the instant heal drops, pop it and get a huge bite in. I can get about 5 set of combos off before beserk and beserking drop off, and then i don’t use any more ravages.

    I have done the math, ravage does alot more then shred in game. Mine hits for 200k a hit, whereas when i pop all that, shred is about 120k.

    I have come to the conclusion those so against it, aren’t using it correctly. Because I beat most feral druids my ilvl.

    And as of yet, I have been unable to get the RoR, it dropped once. Hunter took it, so i’m working with the 535 timeless trinket, mastery one, and the Assurance warforged off pride.

    • Incarnation provides a better burst out of the three talents, in sustained DPS you are much better off with SotF. In 545 gear I can burst 300k easily.

      • It takes much longer to get on a roll without incarn, sustained dps i do the same with either one. I don’t need the help to keep everything up, it’s easy. And i get spare feroc all the time. Tigers fury only has a 20second cd for me,

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  3. I’m curious as to how FoN is supposed to be used correctly in the rotation? Do you always wait for trink procs and blow all 3 at once? Or do you want to keep one rolling all the time for their rake debuff? I switched from Incarn/HotW build I’ve used since 5.0 to FoN/DoC build now and I’m just wondering if I’m doing it right. Maybe I should go SotF/DoC if I don’t figure out a good treant use without the RoO trink. Although SimC is showing DoC/FoN as my best combo of talents in theory.

    Any help clarifying optimal use of FoN in the rotation is appreciated.

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