Jan 172014

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been working on a “metarankings” project, that attempts to come up with a better set of arena rankings by averaging multiple ranks. Well, still working on it; I’ve had to go back and update all the base data. Since Trump just published a big update to his Arena rankings on liquidhearth, I figured I’d go through and see which cards have changed rankings the most. (For reference, here’s his rankings from 3 months ago on ihearthu.)


Scarlet Crusader (Old: 35th New: 8th) I’m pretty sure that if you ask Trump to look back, he’d have no idea why he ranked the Crusader so low. My speculation is the drop in value of silence (and silencing minions, which you’ll see shortly). The common wisdom used to be that an Arena deck was incomplete without at least 1 silence. Now, though, people are viewing silence like spellpower; nice-to-have, but not worth sacrificing any stats for.

Earthen Ring Farseer (Old: 34th New: 11th) With the new meta highly valuing buffing creatures in order for them to trade and live, the Farseer has much more value when he can heal a card. Previously, his heal was frequently “wasted” on the hero.

Elven Archer (Old: 71st New: 47th) Directly tied to the rise in Scarlet Crusader (and Sunwalker, to a smaller degree). It’s still not a great card since the overall value of 1 drops is so low, but being able to ping off Divine Shields is becoming more important.

Bloodfen Raptor (Old: 40th New: 22nd) It’s a boring 3/2…but it’s still a 3/2. Since 2-health minions are so rare these days, the upside of 2/3’s is mostly gone; 3/2’s are where it’s at now.

Wolfrider (Old 51st: New 33rd) / Bluegill Warrior (Old: 48th New: 32nd) These charge minions are basically minion-based removal spells, and help you regain board control at the cost of card advantage. Less taunts means these “missile minions” have a better chance of getting to their target.


Ironbeak Owl (Old: 18th New: 58th) How the never-mighty have…fluttered? As I said above, less things to silence means it’s less valuable, with the Owl being the prime example. Spellbreaker dropped as well, but not as much since it at least has some decent stats to it.

Amani Berserker (Old: 6th New: 42nd) Fewer Northshire Clerics, Novice Engineers, and other 1-drops means less chances for Amani to enrage and still be useful. He’s basically a River Crocolisk at this point.

Novice Engineer (Old: 24th New: 49th) That nerf. Dropping to 1 health means it basically dies instantly, so much less chance of it getting ignored and scoring a buff to trade up with something.

Dragonling Mechanic (Old 28th New: 48th) The old ranking pretty much just looked at her raw stats; the new ranking reflects that the 2/1 is getting killed immediately 90% of the time, leaving you with a poor 2/4 body.

Flesheating Ghoul (Old: 16th New: 35th) The growth mechanic is fun, but this card dies to 2-mana 3/2’s far too often to be ranked that highly.

That’s the top 10 (plus a bonus), but feel free to check out the lists for yourself and see how they match up with your perceptions! I was surprised to see Dark Iron Dwarf still in the Top 3; if he stays that popular, I could see him dropping to a 3/4 (or even a 4/3, if they really wanted to nerf him) in the future.




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