Jan 262014

The Cult Master.

Great card…in moderation. I just won a very satisfying arena game (Mage vs Paladin) where both sides were playing extremely well. The game stayed roughly even up until turn 12ish (me at 25ish life, him at 30) when I play a Sen’jin Shieldmasta to counter his 3/3, 2/3, and 2/1. 2 for 1 for me, right? Yes, but he drops double Cult Master and suddenly I’m looking at 2 Cult Masters, an Aldor Peacekeeper, and a 1/1 recruit with him at 6 cards to my 2 and an empty board. Game, right? Nope! I manage to delay his Cults via a Cone of Cold and pick off enough recruits to put him into fatigue. He drops several cheap minions to powerup a big Frostwolf Warlord; I kill him via Fireballs to all the little minions, with him dealing the coup de grace to himself with the draw fatigue damage to start his turn. :)

Out for a bit – heading to the field for two weeks. Good luck with your cards! This is a great time to jump into Arena – with open beta going on right now, the player pool is large and there’s lots of inexperienced players out there. I’ve been running about a 70% winrate, and am on a 6-0 run currently with this Mage deck.

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