Sep 172014

The massive writing project is done, which means I can get to other important things,¬†like farming Shaohao rep. (Kidding. I think. The Timeless Isle is growing on me.) I can’t talk more about said project because it is currently under NDA, but I will share at the right time. In the meantime, the other stuff I’m doing:

World of Warcraft

WoW is just..comfortable, right now. There’s good discussion to be had as to whether it’s actually “fun” or just psychologically soothing, but I’ve enjoyed making lists of all the things I haven’t done yet in Pandaria and trying to do them before 6.0. Currently:

  • Brawler’s Guild: Finally beat Hexos. 3 tips for that fight: 1) Raid mark yourself and steer the mark through the maze. 2) Use a mouselook macro (like this) to avoid having to hold down a mouse button. 3) If you have crappy WiFi, buy a powerline Ethernet kit, the fight is REALLY susceptible to latency.¬†*cough* All of the other Rank 8 bosses were extremely easy in comparison, so just need to finish Rank 9, the specials, and a few card bosses. I hate waiting between tries, though, so I keep leaving when a queue forms.
  • Proving Grounds: I’m waiting to start on this until I finish Brawler’s Guild; I feel it’s something that’ll take me some undivided attention for a couple days to get Endless 30/Doing it Wrong. Will probably write up a post on this.
  • Pet Battles: Not much to do after completing the Celestial Tournament, so just doing a few dailies when I find them nearby whatever I’m currently doing. I’ve got enough good pets now that I can beat any fight with 2-pets, which makes it easy to level a 3rd.
  • Reputations: Never did Anglers rep, so doing dailies for that. The shark-punching daily is somewhat bugged in that self-heals will heal the shark…so you have to drop Ysera’s Gift to finish it. Also doing Pagle rep.
  • Raids: I keep meaning to look for a flex SoO run on oQueue/OpenRaid, but never get around to it. Maybe this weekend.
  • Timeless Isle: Shaohao rep! Not really looking to max this one, just want to get to Honored to get the teleport here for later. I love being an Engineer here; between Goblin Glider and Nitro Boosts, I’m successfully making it to a lot of rares for the tag. Oh, and the GetRare addon (or RareCoordinator, or what have you) is quite helpful.

For the site, I have a whole series of articles planned. I’ll have 6.0 guides up for all specs (abbreviated ones for non-ferals); a WoD gear list; a look at some of the new raid logging/analysis tools out there; an addon roundup; lots of fun stuff. Happy to take requests/feedback.


Not much to say here; log on, do daily quests, log out. Primarily playing a super aggro-Rogue deck to win fast or lose fast.

Other Games

Want to get back to Reaper of Souls and Kingdom of Amalur, but on the backburner for now. Amazing how an expansion date can remind you of the things you haven’t done yet. :)


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