Oct 252014

I hope everyone enjoyed their first week of 6.0! I’ve been busy playing and farming far too many Tricky Treats for pets, so here’s a quick roundup of some of last week’s events that I didn’t work up a full post for.

The ElvUI backdoor

A week ago, a backdoor was discovered within ElvUI. As documented by this Reddit post, a group of people started doing odd things in an LFR; one person investigated and found that ElvUI contained code that allowed Elv to remotely issue commands to any character that was using ElvUI. Talarian investigated further and found that this backdoor could theoretically have enabled editing friendslists, deleting/creating macros, deleting/creating keybinds, deleting gear, force quitting, and possibly disbanding guilds/mailing gold.

As you can imagine, this is quite upsetting; ElvUI and TukUI are widely beloved and used in the WoW community for their clean, modern look, compared to Blizzard’s default UI. Unfortunately, I find Elv’s justification of “this was just some developer commands that got left in for testing” wholly disingenuous, considering a) the code commits implementing the backdoor from 2013 are titled “new toy” and “this is too fucking evil,” among others and b) there was no apology or even notification on the ElvUI blog of the backdoor, just a quiet removal of the offending code. Frankly, I’m disappointed, and I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone continue to use anything developed by Elv.

The Running of the Raids

So, everything is nerfed quite a bit, and I was able to get through quite a bit of old content. Everything from WOTLK is quite easily doable, with Ulduar 25H and ICC 25H falling over without much complaint. (TotC 25H’s Gormok abilities were not scaled properly, but that was hotfixed later in the week.) Dreamweaver is even doable with HOTW-healing.

Cataclysm (as you might expect) is a bit more challenging. I decided to try 25 Normal for the first attempts, and I was able to fully clear Firelands that way, with several wipes (Plumb forgot about the first tier of raids.)  Some bosses are burstable as Feral and nearly require it (Baleroc) but I was generally stuck in Guardian. I was able to clear the first four bosses of Dragon Soul on 25N, but was not able to do Ultraxion, so dropped back to 10N for the rest. Next time I go in, I’ll try heroic 10 and see how that goes. Spine is ridiculously annoying though; you basically have to spend the entire fight doing racetrack patterns around his back to keep him from rolling.

The Great SoO Nerfing

So I got all the gear I’ve been missing out on. :) Business Time did a Heroic (former Normal) run of SoO to knock off the rust and get everyone back to raiding speed, and we one-shot everything, which was unexpected. My damage wasn’t the greatest, but that was before I went up about 15 item levels, so I can’t really compare. Apparently Mythic is just as easy, but I think I’m geared enough for WoD at this point.

Feral Buffs and Fixes

A round of feral hotfixes went out to bring up damage, which appears to have left us in a pretty strong position. It’s hard to get accurate data with everything dying so fast now, though. I’d estimate that we’re definitely top tier in single-target damage, at least.

Finally, Jeshu has completed a beta version of Ovale for 6.0, so your wonderful move suggester is back. We’re actively taking feedback to improve Ovale and the Simulationcraft action priority list on our forums, so head over there if you want to contribute. Traffic has ticked up to the forums substantially since 6.0 released; it’s good to see so many new (and old) ferals stopping by.







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