Nov 102014

blizzcon-2014From browsing around the Internet, there’s a lot of mixed feelings about this Blizzcon. Pretty much, the people who were there in person thought it was awesome (how often do you get to see Blizzard announce a new IP?) but the people watching on Virtual Ticket weren’t so happy, due to there being no WoW news at all.

Let’s recap!


My prediction: No new franchises.

Actual: Swing and a miss. :) In retrospect, it makes sense; that time gap in the schedule had to be for “SOMETHING,” after all. 0/1 points.

Overwatch looks stellar. It’s very similar to Team Fortress 2 in many ways, but with a dash of MOBA flavor. Most shooters go for a limited set of classes or loadouts; Overwatch is going for LOTS of classes (“heroes”) that all fall into 4  archetypes. I can’t think of a shooter that’s tried this since the ill-fated Shadowrun (which was ahead of its time) on PC/360, though I’m definitely not a shooter expert. I will probably play it some, but in general, I agree with Azuriel (which I tend to do). I’ve always preferred IoC/AV over WSG/TP, largely because I know my lack of PvP skill will impact the team less. Similarly, that’s why I’ve been okay playing Battlefield or Planetside 2, but tend to shy away from things like Call of Duty or Halo.

It’ll do well (when does Blizzard make anything that doesn’t?), but I can see the “no restriction on hero selection”  balancing being a major issue. I was already hearing stories of people playing at Blizzcon and stacking multiple Reinhardts. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the competitive play mode ban multiples of the same hero.

Warcraft/World of Warcraft

My prediction: No new WoW news except a patch 6.1 teaser, No WC1-3 remake news, Trailer for Warcraft Movie.

Actual: There was absolutely NO new WoW info at Blizzcon, which I think is a first. They obviously didn’t want to take any focus off of Overwatch, but judging by the coverage, you’d almost think it was one of their older games they were remenbering fondly, not an active game. There was also no news about the remake of the earlier Warcraft games.

There was a Warcraft movie trailer, and the movie panel was very impressive. Unfortunately, you had to physically be at Blizzcon to see the trailer. They did put out a tentative release date of March 2016 for the movie, which is very interesting, timeline-wise. Seems to me that Blizzcon 2015 would be a perfect time to announce the Warcraft remakes and the next WoW expansion, shooting for release around the movie’s release. Anyway, 2.75/3 points, deducting a quarter point for no patch 6.1 news.

Starcraft 2

My prediction: Legacy of the Void announcement, playable, no date.

Actual: Nailed this one, but this was pretty much a given. They had to say something about SC2 this year. 1/1 points.

Diablo 3

My prediction: New D3 expansion announced.

Actual: Nope, just information about Season 2, which has a little bit of new stuff, but is the WoW equivalent of just adding a new quest hub. I’m surprised by this; I though they would have learned from their mistake of not pushing more expansions for Diablo 2, while it still had a large following. 0/1 points.


My prediction: New expansion announced, Ulduar-themed. No date, Winter 2015 timeframe.

Actual: Wow. I was NOT expecting a new expansion pack this early (next month!), or the Goblins vs. Gnomes theme. Blizzard is pivoting here; they brought in an initial fanbase with the WoW hooks, but now they’re going hard after mobile users. Half credit for at least getting the mechanical theme right, .5/1 points.

Heroes of the Storm

Prediction: No major features announced, open beta Winter 2015.

Actual: Well, they said “closed” beta in January instead of open beta, but time will tell how closed that actually is. They did announce a couple of new game modes which are clones of other MOBA game modes. Half credit again, .5/1 points.

  • New Hearthstone expansion, with cards for new WoW figures and Ulduar. No date, maybe a timeframe.
  • Heroes of the Storm: no major new features, just announcement of open beta timeframe for Winter 2015.

Overall, I didn’t do too bad (4.75/8 in my arbitrary scoring system) except for not predicting Overwatch. Looking forward to Blizzcon 2015, I think you’ll see the pendulum swing back towards WoW and Diablo, with expansion announcements (WoW’s will probably be Legion-themed), plus more on Overwatch.

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