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WoD WarlordsThe NDA has finally lifted, and I can finally announce the big writing project that I’ve been working on – the Druid section of the official World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Signature Series Strategy Guide!

It’s been an incredible journey. I started this blog way back in July 2009 while serving in Korea, with my initial posts getting single-digit views (Thanks, Mom). Now, five years and three continents later, I’m a published author. I still can’t believe that people are actually giving me money to write things.

It wasn’t just me, though! Many of the old WoW Insider crew got recruited to turn this thing out, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them. Go follow them all on Twitter and give kudos. (Except for Bendak, tell him to stop stealing the feral gear.)

  • Death Knight: Magdalena (@MagdalenaDK), who blogs at Magdalena’s Musings and blows me away with the things he pulls off, all the time.
  • Hunter: Bendak (@BendakWoW), who blogs at Eyes of the Beast and keeps trying to tame me, despite repeated growls.
  • Mage: The incredibly awesome Vidyala (@_Vidyala), my guild leader, fellow hunter insulter, and good friend. Blogs at Manalicious and draws the webcomic From Draenor with Love.
  • Monk: Chaithi (@WoWMonk), who runs the video podcast Monk Meditation. (Hopefully he can tear himself away from Pandaria’s sweet brews.)
  • Paladin: WoW’s best tank (in his own mind), Rhidach (@Rhidach)  who blogs at Righteous Defense.
  • Priest: The man! The myth! The Matticus! (@matticus) Blogs at World of Matticus, naturally. Is cooler than I will ever be.
  • Rogue: The always-stylish Rfeann (@Sveltekumquat), who blogs at the Red-Hatted Rogue and co-founder of the definitive rogue resource,
  • Warlock: Poneria (@_poneria) of Fel Concentration. My comrade-in-arms at telling people “You’re doing Simulationcraft WRONG.”
  • Shaman: Binkenstein (@Binkenstein) of Totemspot, who has a better spreadsheet than you. Don’t even try.
  • Warrior: Rossi. (@MatthewWRossi) Just Rossi. He’s achieved single-name status. Has forgotten more things then I will ever learn. Go buy his book if you want your mind blown.
  • Editor, Whip-Cracker, and Generally Awesome Lady: The Stickney! (@Shadesogrey) Damn, I forgot to include “slayer of internet dragons” in the title. Senior editor over at WoW Insider.

Of course, I can’t forget Ken and the other people at BradyGames, who run a great outfit. Last, and most critically, huge thanks to Arielle, Hamlet, and Cyous for helping me nail down some things about Druid non-feral specs, even when I couldn’t tell them why I was asking, and Pawkets/Tinderhoof for helping with feral.

The Giveaway!

WoD Guide CoverOk, enough acknowledgements. I’m generally didn’t consider myself much of a strategy guide person, but this thing is massive. I’m talking 300+ pages of solid info. If you’re like me and forget how to play your alts after a while, this is a great resource for getting you back up to speed quickly. It’s also a great gift for someone who’s just getting started with the game. I would say more, but the thing isn’t actually published yet, so I can’t. :)

Long story short:  I have an extra copy of the guide (a $24.99 value), thanks to BradyGames, and I’d like to give it to one of you. Just enter below. Please note that only US residents are eligible (sorry, EU-friends), you must be over 18, and you must have a valid shipping address (no PO Boxes). Full T&C’s are in the giveaway app. Best of luck!

(EDIT: Aus/NZ residents now have a chance  to win one as well, thanks to Binkenstein! Go here for more details.)

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  22 Responses to “The BradyGames WoW: Warlords of Draenor Strategy Guide Announcement and Giveaway!”

  1. This is a very cool thing you guys all did, and I am so stoked. Even if I don’t win I am definitely going to pick up a copy of this guide just to have.

  2. I can’t believe all the top level talent that worked on this guide! Even if I don’t win, I’ll get one just because you all know more about these classes then I’ve learned in 8 years of slacking. ^.^

  3. Awesome work! I work with Chaithi and he was super excited to give the news once the NDA lifted. I second-main a druid so I’m looking forward to your insight!

  4. Druids can do everything — tank, heal, ranged and melee DPS! Of course, feral is and always has been the best spec ever. Sneaky face-ripping as a cat. Can’t beat that! Oh, and flight form. ‘nuf said.

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  6. Druids are the best because of Feral spec and Stag form.

  7. You can be as swift as a cat, as wise as an owl, as tough as a bear, or as spirited as a tree.

  8. Love this! Hope it leads to more things from you in the future. Good stuff.

  9. Wow, nice work! Aussie druid sadfase though. *treehmph*

  10. Great job, Alaron, and of course everyone else who worked on this book. Druids are the best, because we can do everything, and imo, have the best community.

  11. becuase we are multitasking >:D

  12. Can’t wait to have it in my hands :D

  13. O M G! Awesome!

  14. Nice. Deff putting in for this, Thanks for the hard work

  15. So I can look at that big bear butt all day

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  17. This looks awesome! Thanks to everyone involved in the making of it!

  18. I have been on Moonrunner since Vanilla playing feral druid when it was “go heals or go home” (actually made it into Molten Core as an off tank, which is almoooost feral ). Have been a big fan ever since you started your blog. Thank you for all the information, tips, laughs, and poring your heart into your work!

    Lastly, to a fellow brother in arms, thank you for your service to our country, for keeping our families safe, and defending our freedom!



  19. Druids are awesome cause, no one looks at them funny when they are morning wood

  20. Cat druid is best druid.

  21. Druids rock because they have so many different forms, which translates into so many great ways to play.

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