Jan 312015

Quick post to let readers know I’m heading to Germany this weekend for a conference next week! Never been to Germany before (or any part of Europe, really, save connecting flights) so very excited even though my entire family wants me to look out for various German stuffs to bring home. I’d love to hear from any German readers I have, so drop me a message on Twitter or through the site/forums.

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  1. still around? which city are you at? ;)

    • Stuttgart! Not that I’m really getting any chance to do anything; came in on a Sunday too jet-lagged to explore, and leaving early this weekend.

      • too far from my place anyway…I just could have recommended you some nice places for lunch and stuff like that. wasnt planning on stalking you or anything :D

  2. where exactly are you headed to?

  3. Have a great time in Germany, where will you you be located?
    If you don’t know where to get something of those “stuff”, maybe I can tell you.

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