About TFD (and Ala!)


Hi, and thanks for visiting The Fluid Druid! I’m Chase Hasbrouck aka Alaron (or Alarron), and I will be your host for your visit here. I primarily focus on feral druid topics, but as befits the blog name, I’ll comment on any Druid topic, or anything in general that strikes my fancy.

I’ve been playing WoW for several ¬†years now, and have been raiding with Alaron/Alarron for most of that time. My first toon was a warlock, but I eventually grew to dislike the playstyle and lack of utility, and wanted something different. I went back to my druid shortly after the beginning of WOTLK (who had quietly been minding his time in Desolace where I had abandoned him), pushed him to 80, and fell in love with the class. I love having the ability to fill any raiding role, and frequently write posts with the theme of hybridization in mind.

I’m always willing to help with any questions people may have! I can be contacted using the form below, on Twitter at @alarondruid, or via my forums.

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