Blizzard Watch: Druid changes in 6.1

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Mar 012015

My Blizzard Watch column rounding up all the changes for 6.1 is now up over on Blizzard Watch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a chance to cite sources in the column, so I’ll do it here.

  • Balance: Posts in the MMO-Champion druid forum. Can’t recall a specific one, but basically anything Lappe or Cyous writes is good.
  • Feral: Did my own math, checked it against Pawkets’ (aka aggixx) stuff, looked good.
  • Guardian: Mostly straight ripped from Arielle at IncBear.
  • Restoration: Again, discussion from MMO-Champion. This thread was particularly useful, even if I disagreed with some of it. I may write my next column on restoration talents just because there’s a bunch of debate.

One aside:


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