May 102012

Quick post to bring some attention to Arielle’s Guardian feedback post on the forums: he really nails the analysis, and it’s definitely worth a read. Go look. (Personally, I agree with most of it, except for the part about active mitigation, and that’s more my personal fears of the AM concept, not his ideas.)

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Apr 292012

My much-less-controversial-than-that-title-made-it-sound column on the 5 things Balance Druids were missing going into Mists is now live over at WoW Insider. Feel free to comment here or there, so¬†though I’m more likely to reply here. (EDIT: So Do La Fa Mi Do Re…and if you know what that refers to, you’re a good American.)

(Yes, I’m the balance druid writer now as well. We’ll see how long I make it before I collapse under a pile of angry spreadsheets.)

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