Overhauling the whole darn thing...

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Overhauling the whole darn thing...

Post by Feral_Instincts » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:22 am

So leveling my 3rd feral, primarily through PvP, I'm beginning to notice just how much information I'm missing. Adding in how much our toolbox has grown since Wrath and I'm not sure how to get all the information I need and access all the tools I have, quickly.

I know I miss a ton of predatory swiftness procs. Usually, if I'm looking up in the corner to figure out my health, I'm dead or my opponent's health and they get away. Although, I'm happy to notice that ArcHUD has been once again revived. I may start there, but there's a heck of a lot more buttons to press than there used to be.

It was mangle, rip, shred, Rake/FB(Shift), TF, Berserk, plus various other stuff scattered around. These days, I'm running out of space on my bar at 46 and I don't even have Berserk. Power-shifting to break roots is back, oh and I can heal myself or a teammate without breaking form or oooh, there's survival buttons and a racial I should probably use as a troll, oh and herbalism haste(Do these stack?). And GAH!

I actually find myself doing better in PvP than ever, because I actually am thinking of the options. But now it goes something like, this:

Hmmm, I need a heal.
Do I have predatory swiftness?
Look to the corner.
Watches it tick to 0.
Hit savage roar.
No predatory swiftness.
Click Swiftmend.
Get Stunned.
Click HT that doesn't work while stunned.
Look at pvp trinket that's down.
Click Barkskin.
Spam Click HT waiting for the stun to wear off.

Obviously knowing where things are are muscle memory, but you can't muscle memory clicks and all the info in the various corners, and just, gah. I feel like I'm actually able to react better and process more in PvP than I ever have before. But I dunno how to wire the whole damn thing up to make it usable while I'm playing.


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Re: Overhauling the whole darn thing...

Post by Kraineth » Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:13 am

Moving your fram+your target frame down to just above your action bars makes things a lot less hectic when looking around the screen. Then you need to get an addon to allow you to show important buffs like Predatory swiftness, savage Roar, and such down around your unit frame as well.

For reference look at my UI

The addon i use to track trinkets/Savage roar is called WeakAuras, it is sort of difficult to set up at first, but it is highly customizable and you can do almost anything with it.

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