DoTs, CP and Energy WeakAuras

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DoTs, CP and Energy WeakAuras

Post by Zedruu » Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:08 pm

Hey guys!

Just my second post here, but i've been lurking for a while.
I've been playing WoW for 3~4 months now and one of my favorite things is the very customizable interface thanks to Addons.
The one I used the most was WeakAuras.

So today i'm gonna post some WeakAuras i made myself:

1) FeralDoT:

I know there are a bunch of addons to track our DoTs. I used DroodFocus for most of the time, but with Patch 5.1 it stopped working properly, and i had to come up with a "emergency solution". It tracks the timer of Rake, Rip and Savage Roar. A detail that i put into it: the Rip tracker changes its icon to Ferocious Bite when the target is below 25%, just like DroodFocus.

Since WeakAuras is a very estable AddOn this will probably work fine even in Patch Days, when stuff tends to get a bit crazy, with some stuff working and other stuff not.

2) Feral Energy:

This one is has a pretty simple idea, just has some touches i thought were nice. It obviously tracks your current energy. What i added was: When you have below 35 energy, the bar becomes RED (instead of the default YELLOW-ish color), to alert that you are in the "Tiger's Fury range" and using it is a nice idea. (I tried to make it just appear red when Tiger's Fury was off cooldown, but i didn't work, so everytime you are below 35 energy it wiill become red)

Also, when you have Beserk active, the bar turns GREEN, to warn you that you can use your energy much more freely.

I'm also using the CP Tracker that's already avaliable here in the forum here:

I'll try to post some screenshots of my UI when i have time.

Any feedback is welcome. Especially suggestions on how to solve the Energy bar "problem" i explained above.


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