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Sylv's Snippets 2 Bears

Post by Sylvaneart » Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:36 pm

(antihistamine side affects kicking in) OK I don’t care what class of tank there is out there besides us. We are the coolest dam thing going. LOOK AT ME!!! I CHANGE INTO A HUGE DAM BEAR TO TANK!!!!!! That is pretty cool. A warrior walks into a bar. Says look at me I have a sword AND a shield. I will protect you. Everyone oohs and ahs over how strong and valiant he is. Meanwhile the druid sitting in the corner just keeps his mouth shut. The warrior goes outside to show off his skill. He is very good. A flash of metal and noise. The druid decides now is the time to leave. He gets up from his chair tips the waitress and walks outside. He stretches his arms to yawn and starts to get feathers and a longer beak like face. The warrior yells over. Hey Elf I am board come and provide me some sport. The druid stops his shifting. He asks the warrior simple “what do you want”. A round of drinks for these good people I protect if I can best you in combat. The druid doesn’t have time for these petty things so he shifts into a HUGE FREAKING BEAR and eats the warrior. The crowd cheers since the druid already protected them and never showed off or bragged.
Yes I love being a bear.

No disrespect to warriors, pallys, and DKs. This is just a feral site and we love being feral
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