Quick and Dirty EN, Please contribute.

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Quick and Dirty EN, Please contribute.

Post by Jacemora » Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:21 pm

Nythendra N/H/M

As close to a patchwork fight as your going to get outside of Ursoc.

Recommend LI/SR/BT Balance Affinity (easier to stay on boss and not have to be close)

The key to high DPS on this fight is to stay DPS on the boss all the time except for running out ROT. This means to look around before the phase where the ROT gets sucked up so you can avoid it and bugs while staying on the boss.

Elerethe Renferal N/H (I have not done Mythics past first boss)

Recommend LI/SR/BT Balance Affinity (better range on Moonfire)

My trick on this boss is to moonfire up the spider adds at range after running to the other side of the room or to the other islands. Outside of that it's another single target tank and spank for us.

Ursoc N/H

Recommend LI/SR/BT Balance Affinity (Better range to stay within melee bout outside the poop puddles on Heroic)

Basically a Patchwork fight, nothing special really. Spec into Displacer to get away when you get targeted and use Dash to get back quickly.

Il'gynoth N/H

http://fluiddruid.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5875 ~Ghrell has a good tip. The fight really is about Add priority and killing the heart, worry less about DPS and doing mechanics except when inside then go nuts. Hole Berserk for inside or for when you get out of the first heart phase (depends on if your Raid can kill it in 1 heart phase.)

Dragons of Nightmare N/H

Recommend LI/SR/BT Balance Affinity (better range on Moonfire)

I finding using Moonfire and getting Bleeds and DoTs on multiple targets are the way to go here. Just be careful not to get too greedy and let your stacks put you too sleep. It's better to get away from the action for a bit if your tanks are screwing up or delay moving dragons.


Recommend LI/SR/BT Balance Affinity (better range on Moonfire)

Similar to Dragons, nice amount of targets to maintain bleeds and Dot damage on for a DPS boost. We shine on the fight imho due to our speed and mobility.


Recommend LI/SR/BT Guardian Affinity (Might be best for the damage reduction, not sure a little extra range actually helps here)

Similar again to the last 2 fights, lots of time and targets to spread around bleeds and dot damage.


EN is a pretty good raid to showcase a ferals damage with exception of Il'gynoth where it is really tough to compete with a lot of the stronger AoE capable classes.

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