Spine of Deathwing

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Re: Spine of Deathwing

Post by adianar » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:16 am

Any chance of 1 tanking this fight with the nerfs? We're just now starting heroic 10 attempts, and have tried thus far a dps warr in defensive stance to hold bloods. Only a handful of attempts thus far though. No real experience set yet.

1 tank, 3 heal, rest dps...

got the tendon down well below 50% on first run, haven't gotten to second plate yet with anything like a full grp though.


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Re: Spine of Deathwing

Post by Tinderhoof » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:30 pm

By the third plate you will have bloods coming out of your ears. I can't speak to 10 man but for 25 man, it wasn't until the 25% nerf that we stopped using 3 tanks. Warrior for bloods for the first 2 plates, DK for Amalgs, and Me to hold extra bloods on the 3rd plate while the warrior was kiting about 50-60 bloods. At this point we are now able to kill enough bloods to keep the number managable, but the healers have to be really good to keep up with the AOE damage that happens every time a blood dies.

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Re: Spine of Deathwing

Post by Dabeasty » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:32 am

Hi all,

We cleared DS a while back with what was probably our strongest Spine team but we are struggling to repeat the job and get the place on farm, especially now we are trying to get the kills for those classes who perhaps are less suited to the fight.

We tend to have a DK tank take the Amalgs and a Pally or Warrior on the Bloods. We 3H it with proest and two druids or priest, pally and druid.

Our typical tactic is to:
Nuke amalg to 20% or so
Aoe some bloods
Run amalg over residue and then stand it at plate
Burn tendon

On the transition after a plate goes down we:
Kill Corruptions asap
Aoe the bloods
Run the amalgs over residue

We are getting to the third plate consistently but it tends to get a bit crazy then, is that normal? Despite our cleaning up on the roll we still have loads of bloods and we get overwhelmed.

I was thinking of popping bear at this point and dragging 9 bloods over to plate and killing them rdy for almalg tank to go straight there where its ready. Seems better than him having to run around all over.

How do people do this fight? Is crazy blood madness on third plate unavoidable? Do people tank or kite em?

Here's a log if you have time. Looks to me like some poor dps might be extending this fight too long for us hence the blood issue?

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Re: Spine of Deathwing

Post by Tinderhoof » Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:41 pm

When my guild killed it (25 man), we had 3 tanks due to the overwhelming number of bloods. I was the 3rd tank, but acted as DPS for the first 2 plates. As soon as the roll happened after the second plate was gone I shifted to bear and started picking up new bloods. I stood just behind the melee group that were dpsing the amalg and let the dps taunt 1 or 2 bloods off me at a time.

The Warrior was kiting the stupid amount of bloods he had collected over the last 2 plates around the back half of the spine. We would use war stomp, and the pali aoe elemental stun to help take some pressure off during heroic leap cooldowns.

I would recomend that you split your dps forces so that 1 dps is killing 1 or 2 bloods at a time and the rest are on the amalg. You lose time holding an amalg at 20%, and you take a crap load of damage if you aoe the bloods at once. In the above case you should have enough bloods by the time the amalg is ready to go. The faster you kill everything the less time there is for bloods to spawn. No matter what though your first kill there will be a LOT of blood. This is normal.

As a feral make sure you unglyph FR and throw it up every single time you roll. Your healers will thank you.

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