Having Fun Wiping in Firelands

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Having Fun Wiping in Firelands

Post by Qbear » Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:07 pm

I just found out about this and would feel awful if I didn't share it with my favorite people.

If your lazy like I am if you go to log out before you accept a mass rez you won't obtain the 10min debuff. This makes it so you can get mass rez'd after every attempt. Tell your friends but keep it off the official forums blizz always taken away our fun.

For clarification you all die, pro hunter FDs, he cast mass rez, durning cast you go to log out, accept mass rez while your log out timer is ticking, cancel the log out, profit.

Sorry for lack of videos on the youtube site I got footage, life's just been busy.

Also been pvping a lot on my deathknight if anyone wants to see those let me know and I could do like an off topic kind of thing 2200 playing shadowcleave.

Love you guys

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Re: Having Fun Wiping in Firelands

Post by Antioch » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:09 am

I've pretty much given up pve in favour of pvp lately. I still check here every day though for all the latest news and gossip. Personally i would love some pvp stuff, any class will do :)

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Re: Having Fun Wiping in Firelands

Post by shinryu » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:33 am

Interesting, thanks for the heads up, will be sure to let the guildies know on our alysrazor tries tomorrow.

I pvp on my rogue, still trying to get used to their array of different abilities honestly; all I know is that if it's not 1vs1, it sucks trying to kill anything if they have a healer buddy with them, whereas in 1vs1 I can cheap shot/garrote > hemo spam to 5 cp > kidney, or alternatively just open with cheap shot > shadow dance and ambush spam, then vanish and go with a stun lock type of deal.

Also tried rated bgs the first time as a guild, went 2-3, not horrible considering none of us are at all much good in pvp lol. Still, won't argue against free cp that I can turn into vp, especially since I hate heroics and can never bring myself to spam run the crap to get capped weekly.

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