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Noob Drood

Post by Rocon » Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:37 pm

Noob Drood - Not Noob Player

Ok. I've played druids before, since vanilla first hit the shelves. That said, I've never leveled one past about 20-ish (You know, when you have to start making those hard choice about your spec). All my druids have become martyrs for some reason or another. I've deleted probably about 5 or more to date. (My most-deleted class.) It could be in part, that after leveling a few Nelfs, I was frankly quite bored of Auberdine and never bothered to level elsewhere.

So, now there's 4.0.3. I rolled a Worgen Druid and a whole new battlefield. I am having SO MUCH FUN with my druid, for the first time, ever! And I'm only level 15 right now. My goal is to at least make it to flight form! But because I'm committing myself to getting there this time, I want to embrace it and Do It Right The First Time.

I'm currently specced as Feral (because I hear that's best for leveling). To be honest, I haven't given much thought about "what kind of drood I want to be when I grow up." We have a few druids in my guild, so there's no pressure to fill a void. I have 70 levels to decide. :P

Most guides focus on "When You're 85". Few suggest what to do in the meantime (beyond saying "go feral for easier leveling.") There are apparently several routes to go just within the Feral Tree alone!

So now I'm faced with "Pick just one tool from your Swiss Army Knife that you really like most and the other tools will kinda work too."

The Fluid Druid feral guide is beyond awesome, and I'll use that as my main point of reference. It makes sense. It's concise (unlike this post!!)

So to boil down my ranting:

Is there any experienced leveler that can suggest a certain path to take until endgame?

I know "Cat is for Fite" and "Bear is for Tank". But what "is for Solo"?

Wow. that was so much longer than I intended. Sorry guys. And thanks for your indulgence and patience for getting this far!!

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Re: Noob Drood

Post by Mihir » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:52 pm

feral-cat and boomkin are both great for soloing.

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Re: Noob Drood

Post by octechx » Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:00 pm

Ok eddited -12-18-10 2.15am

Now that i got a little time i can get into detail a little more.My opinion is that the ranged pulling is going to make leveling alot faster. So boomkin is the way to go, i personally don't play it but with the expansion out and the changes you going to want to pick up one major thing. Save all your money for epic flight form. Its going to take around 5-6k gold but its going to allow you to level ALOT! faster. Your going to be flying to your next target or quest item rather than walking. Aslo being a druid we have a leg up on the competition as we can interact with quest items while in flight form. So that means if there is a mob next to the chest you need you can skip fight him. Simply pop entangling roots and go bird then you can fly away after you got your quest item. So main thing is flight form.

Now into the advantages of boomkin. your going to be able to range pull without having to worry about body aggro from other mobs, Most likely your going to kill the damn thing before its even close to you anyways. That mean less time fighting unwanted mobs. And if you have issues with latency "lag" boomkin is going to make it easier to get your damage to register vs melee. Especially in pvp.
Another advantage is the option to raid. Depending on your server, your probably going to have a spot in raid more easily as a moonkin than feral. Because the buffs are better. Unless your tanking. Lets not get into that. Feral dps is easier to fill than boomkin. Also your going to have greater aoe than cat. Seems like they nerfed our cat aoe, i ddin't read the notes but i notice cat aoe isn't what it used to be.
#1 get epic flying bird!

So boomkin
faster leveling
less latency issues
easier raid slots
greater aoe for quests with multiple mob kills

feral dps-cat
more fun
better for anti-ganking
big numbers

That being said I'm not really basing my information on factual evidence just merely opinion. Maybe someone else here would like to point out my flaws and correct them.

boomkin=better leveling than cat

But f*ck a chicken
rock beats scissors
scissors beat paper
and cat rips all three in half {~_o}<^>

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Re: Noob Drood

Post by octechx » Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:30 am

i'll be around

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