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Captain Fizz
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UI's / Debuffs / Spraff

Post by Captain Fizz » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:51 pm

Now, I've never had the neatest UI... That can never be said for anything I do really >.>

But this wee vid at least shows why I like Elkano's Buff Bars in the way they can be used for kitty or bear seamlessly.

Just above the Unit Frames are the red/blue bars. Those are Elkano's.
DPS Debuffs on left, SR/My bleeds middle, Tanking debuffs on right.
I can do 3k DPS in frost res / tank gear & spec! Wooo!

Have power aura's setup as well that'll pop up too... For barkskin etc.
UI has changed a bit since then (it's always being tweaked).

Most people will know it - But if tanking, have ToT debuffs shown clearly, a few newer tanks don't have them showing & need to be advised on vent when to taunt :)

One wee Q - What are you using for party cooldowns?
I've recently removed DBM and need something to tell me when people's rebirths etc are coming back up :)

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