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Wild Charge macro creation

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 12:35 pm
by AsgardFM
Hey all

I've been recently trying to create a macro on the beta that will shift back to Caster Form then instantly use Wild Charge to reach a nearby friendly. The macro in question seems like it would be fairly basic, looking like this

/cast Wild Charge

However, unlike similar macros that would try to cast Healing Touch (for example), the above macro requires two presses and the duration of a global cooldown before Wild Charge is successfully cast. I've tried with a few other variations, using common I've come to the conclusion that it takes a moment for the game to register what version of Wild Charge should be used. I find this limits the versatility of Wild Charge quite dramatically - I had plans of quickly being able to move out of varying AoE effects on the floor by pressing one button to shift out and jump to a nearby friend.

I noticed that Alaron seemed to have plans for "one-button intervenes" in a recent topic of his but I'm not certain if this was just a plan or something that has actually been created. Either way, if anyone has any ideas to try or any macros that will work I'd be glad to hear them.