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Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Alaron » Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:54 pm

If you use Ovale, the default rotation for monks currently doesn't have brewmaster support and is a little basic. While I don't have the time to write one myself at the moment, happily Nerien (aka jlam) has compiled an excellent BM/WW combined script. You can get it here for tweaking purposes, or it'll always be included in his Ovale addon, Click below to show.
Spoiler: show
# Nerien's monk script.
# Windwalker
# talents= ... #fb!022221

Define(ascension_talent 8)
Define(blackout_kick 100784)
SpellInfo(blackout_kick chi=2)
SpellAddBuff(blackout_kick combo_breaker_bok=0 shuffle=1)
Define(breath_of_fire 115181)
SpellInfo(breath_of_fire chi=2)
Define(chi_brew 115399)
SpellInfo(chi_brew cd=90 chi=-4)
SpellInfo(chi_brew chi=-5 talent=ascension_talent)
Define(chi_brew_talent 9)
Define(chi_burst 123986)
SpellInfo(chi_burst chi=2)
Define(chi_burst_talent 6)
Define(chi_sphere 121286)
SpellInfo(chi_sphere duration=120)
Define(chi_torpedo 115008)
Define(chi_torpedo_talent 18)
Define(chi_wave 115098)
SpellInfo(chi_wave cd=8 chi=2)
Define(chi_wave_talent 4)
Define(combo_breaker_bok 116768)
SpellInfo(combo_breaker_bok duration=15)
Define(combo_breaker_tp 118864)
SpellInfo(combo_breaker_tp duration=15)
Define(dampen_harm 122278)
SpellInfo(dampen_harm cd=90 duration=45)
SpellAddBuff(dampen_harm dampen_harm=1)
Define(dampen_harm_talent 14)
Define(death_note 121125)
Define(diffuse_magic 122783)
SpellInfo(diffuse_magic cd=90 duration=6)
SpellAddBuff(diffuse_magic diffuse_magic=1)
Define(diffuse_magic_talent 15)
Define(disable 116095)
SpellInfo(disable duration=15 energy=15)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(disable disable=1)
Define(dizzying_haze 115180)
SpellInfo(dizzying_haze energy=20)
Define(dizzying_haze_aura 116330)
SpellInfo(dizzying_haze_aura duration=15)
Define(elusive_brew 128939)
SpellInfo(elusive_brew duration=30)
Define(elusive_brew_use 115308)
SpellInfo(elusive_brew_use cd=9 duration=1)
SpellAddBuff(elusive_brew_use elusive_brew=0 elusive_brew_use=1)
Define(energizing_brew 115288)
SpellInfo(energizing_brew cd=60 duration=6 tick=1)
SpellAddBuff(energizing_brew energizing_brew=1)
Define(expel_harm 115072)
SpellInfo(expel_harm cd=15 chi=-1 energy=40)
Define(fists_of_fury 113656)
SpellInfo(fists_of_fury cd=25 chi=3 duration=4 tick=1)
SpellAddBuff(fists_of_fury fists_of_fury=1)
Define(flying_serpent_kick 101545)
SpellInfo(flying_serpent_kick cd=25)
Define(fortifying_brew 115203)
SpellInfo(fortifying_brew cd=180)
Define(guard 115295)
SpellInfo(guard cd=30 chi=2 duration=30)
SpellAddBuff(guard guard=1)
Define(heavy_stagger 124273)
SpellInfo(heavy_stagger duration=10 tick=1)
Define(invoke_xuen 123904)
SpellInfo(invoke_xuen cd=180 duration=45)
Define(invoke_xuen_the_white_tiger_talent 17)
Define(jab 100780)
SpellInfo(jab chi=-1 energy=40)
Define(keg_smash 121253)
SpellInfo(keg_smash cd=8 chi=-2 energy=40)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(keg_smash dizzying_haze_aura=1 weakened_blows=1)
Define(legacy_of_the_emperor 115921)
SpellInfo(legacy_of_the_emperor energy=50)
SpellAddBuff(legacy_of_the_emperor legacy_of_the_emperor_aura=1)
Define(legacy_of_the_emperor_aura 117666)
SpellInfo(legacy_of_the_emperor_aura duration=3600)
Define(legacy_of_the_white_tiger 116781)
SpellInfo(legacy_of_the_white_tiger duration=3600)
SpellAddBuff(legacy_of_the_white_tiger legacy_of_the_white_tiger=1)
Define(light_stagger 124275)
SpellInfo(light_stagger duration=10 tick=1)
Define(moderate_stagger 124274)
SpellInfo(moderate_stagger duration=10 tick=1)
Define(paralysis 115078)
SpellInfo(paralysis cd=15 duration=30 energy=20)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(paralysis paraylsis=1)
Define(power_guard 118636)
SpellInfo(power_guard duration=30)
Define(power_strikes 121817)
Define(power_strikes_talent 7)
Define(purifying_brew 119582)
SpellInfo(purifying_brew cd=1 chi=1)
SpellAddDebuff(purifying_brew heavy_stagger=0 light_stagger=0 moderate_stagger=0)
Define(rising_sun_kick 107428)
SpellInfo(rising_sun_kick cd=8 chi=2)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(rising_sun_kick rising_sun_kick_aura=1)
Define(rising_sun_kick_aura 130320)
SpellInfo(rising_sun_kick_aura duration=15)
Define(rushing_jade_wind 116847)
SpellInfo(rushing_jade_wind cd=30 chi=2 duration=8)
SpellAddBuff(rushing_jade_wind shuffle=1)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(rushing_jade_wind rushing_jade_wind=1)
Define(rushing_jade_wind_talent 16)
Define(shuffle 115307)
SpellInfo(shuffle duration=6)
Define(spear_hand_strike 116705)
SpellInfo(spear_hand_strike cd=15 energy=30)
SpellInfo(spear_hand_strike energy=0 mastery=1)
Define(spinning_crane_kick 101546)
SpellInfo(spinning_crane_kick duration=2.25 energy=40 tick=0.75)
SpellAddBuff(spinning_crane_kick spinning_crane_kick=1)
Define(spinning_fire_blossom 115073)
SpellInfo(spinning_fire_blossom chi=1)
Define(stance_of_the_fierce_tiger 103985)
Define(stance_of_the_sturdy_ox 115069)
Define(summon_black_ox_statue 115315)
SpellInfo(summon_black_ox_statue cd=30)
Define(symbiosis_bear_hug 127361)
SpellInfo(symbiosis_bear_hug cd=60 duration=3)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(symbiosis_bear_hug symbiosis_bear_hug=1)
Define(symbiosis_survival_instincts 113306)
SpellInfo(symbiosis_survival_instincts cd=180 duration=6)
SpellAddBuff(symbiosis_survival_instincts symbiosis_survival_instincts=1)
Define(tiger_palm 100787)
SpellInfo(tiger_palm chi=1)
SpellInfo(tiger_palm chi=0 mastery=1) # with Brewmaster Training at level 34
SpellAddBuff(tiger_palm combo_break_tp=0 power_guard=1 tiger_power=1)
Define(tiger_power 125359)
SpellInfo(tiger_power duration=20)
Define(tigereye_brew 125195)
SpellInfo(tigereye_brew duration=120)
Define(tigereye_brew_use 116740)
SpellInfo(tigereye_brew_use cd=1 duration=15)
SpellAddBuff(tigereye_brew_use tigereye_brew=0 tigereye_brew_use=1)
Define(touch_of_death 115080)
SpellInfo(touch_of_death cd=90 chi=3)
Define(touch_of_karma 122470)
SpellInfo(touch_of_karma cd=90 chi=2 duration=10)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(touch_of_karma touch_of_karma=1)
Define(weakened_blows 115798)
SpellInfo(weakened_blows duration=30)
Define(zen_sphere 124081)
SpellInfo(zen_sphere chi=2 duration=16 tick=2)
Define(zen_sphere_talent 5)

# Items
Define(virmens_bite_potion 76089)
Define(virmens_bite_potion_buff 105697)
SpellInfo(virmens_bite_potion_buff duration=25)
Define(jade_serpent_potion 76093)
Define(jade_serpent_potion_buff 105702)
SpellInfo(jade_serpent_potion_buff duration=25)

# Racials
Define(arcane_torrent_chi 129597)
SpellInfo(arcane_torrent_chi cd=120 chi=1)
Define(berserking 26297)
SpellInfo(berserking cd=180 duration=10)
SpellAddBuff(berserking berserking=1)
Define(blood_fury 20572)
SpellInfo(blood_fury cd=120 duration=15)
SpellAddBuff(blood_fury blood_fury=1)
Define(quaking_palm 107079)
SpellInfo(quaking_palm cd=120 duration=4)
SpellAddTargetDebuff(quaking_palm quaking_palm=1)
Define(stoneform 20594)
SpellInfo(stoneform cd=120 duration=8)
SpellAddBuff(stoneform stoneform=1)

AddFunction UseRacialActions

AddFunction UseRacialInterruptActions
if TargetClassification(worldboss no)
if TargetInRange(quaking_palm) Spell(quaking_palm)

AddFunction UseRacialSurvivalActions

AddCheckBox(aoe L(AOE))
AddCheckBox(potions "Use potions" default)

# Trinket CDs
AddListItem(trinketcd0 000s "Trinket 0 CD - none" default)
AddListItem(trinketcd0 060s "Trinket 0 CD - 1 min")
AddListItem(trinketcd0 090s "Trinket 0 CD - 1 min 30s")
AddListItem(trinketcd0 120s "Trinket 0 CD - 2 min")
AddListItem(trinketcd1 000s "Trinket 1 CD - none" default)
AddListItem(trinketcd1 060s "Trinket 1 CD - 1 min")
AddListItem(trinketcd1 090s "Trinket 1 CD - 1 min 30s")
AddListItem(trinketcd1 120s "Trinket 1 CD - 2 min")

AddFunction UseItemActions
Item(HandsSlot usable=1)
unless List(trinketcd0 000s) Item(Trinket0Slot usable=1)
unless List(trinketcd1 000s) Item(Trinket1Slot usable=1)

AddCheckBox(targetdummy "Target Dummy")
AddFunction TimeUntilTargetIsDead
if CheckBoxOn(targetdummy) 3600
if CheckBoxOff(targetdummy) target.TimeToDie()

### Monk (all specializations)

AddFunction EnergyRegen
Energy() / TimeToMaxEnergy()

AddFunction Interrupt
if TargetInRange(spear_hand_strike) Spell(spear_hand_strike)
if TargetClassification(worldboss no) and TargetInRange(paralysis) Spell(paralysis)

AddFunction NumberToMaxChi
if TalentPoints(ascension_talent) {5 - Chi()}
unless TalentPoints(ascension_talent) {4 - Chi()}

AddFunction Tier2TalentActions
if TalentPoints(chi_burst_talent) Spell(chi_burst)
if TalentPoints(chi_wave_talent) Spell(chi_wave)
if TalentPoints(zen_sphere_talent) and BuffExpires(zen_sphere) Spell(zen_sphere)

AddFunction Tier5TalentActions
if TalentPoints(dampen_harm_talent) Spell(dampen_harm)
if TalentPoints(diffuse_magic_talent) Spell(diffuse_magic)

### Brewmaster
# Single-target and AoE rotations from Alaron's 5.0 Brewmaster PvE Guide:
# ... ria-guide/

AddFunction BrewmasterOOCActions
if InCombat(no)
unless BuffPresent(str_agi_int 400 any=1) Spell(legacy_of_the_emperor)

AddFunction BrewmasterBuffActions
unless Stance(1) Spell(stance_of_the_sturdy_ox)
unless BuffPresent(str_agi_int any=1) Spell(legacy_of_the_emperor)

AddFunction BrewmasterGenerateChiActions
if NumberToMaxChi() >=1 and HealthPercent(less 35) Spell(expel_harm)
if NumberToMaxChi() >=2 Spell(keg_smash)
if NumberToMaxChi() >=1 and HealthPercent(less 90) Spell(expel_harm)

AddFunction BrewmasterMaintenanceActions
if Level(more 33)
# Brewmaster Training is automatically learned at level 34 and makes Tiger Palm cost no chi.
if BuffStacks(power_guard) <3 and BuffExpires(guard 6) Spell(tiger_palm)
if BuffPresent(power_guard) and BuffExpires(power_guard 3) Spell(tiger_palm)
if BuffPresent(tiger_power) and BuffExpires(tiger_power 3) Spell(tiger_palm)

AddFunction BrewmasterFillerActions
# Don't Tiger Palm before getting Brewmaster Training at level 34 since it costs Chi.
if Level(more 33) Spell(tiger_palm)
unless Level(more 33) Spell(jab)

# Tier 5 damage reduction cooldown
AddIcon mastery=1 help=cd size=small

# Damage reduction cooldowns
AddIcon mastery=1 help=cd size=small

# Defensive abilities
AddIcon mastery=1 help=cd
if DebuffPresent(moderate_stagger) or DebuffPresent(heavy_stagger) Spell(purifying_brew)
if BuffStacks(elusive_brew) >10 Spell(elusive_brew_use)

AddIcon mastery=1 help=main
if BuffExpires(shuffle)
# Try to keep Shuffle uptime at 80-90%.
if NumberToMaxChi() ==0 or {NumberToMaxChi() <2 and SpellCooldown(keg_smash) <1.5}
# Chi is capped or will cap with Keg Smash and KS coming off CD.
if TimeToMaxEnergy() <1.2 Spell(jab)

AddIcon mastery=1 help=aoe checkboxon=aoe
if BuffExpires(shuffle)
# Try to keep Shuffle uptime at 80-90%.
if TalentPoints(rushing_jade_wind_talent) Spell(rushing_jade_wind)
if NumberToMaxChi() ==0 or {NumberToMaxChi() <2 and SpellCooldown(keg_smash) <1.5}
# Chi is capped or will cap with Keg Smash and KS coming off CD.
if TimeToMaxEnergy() <1.2 Spell(spinning_crane_kick)

AddIcon mastery=1 help=cd
if TargetIsInterruptible() Interrupt()
if BuffPresent(death_note) Spell(touch_of_death)
if TalentPoints(invoke_xuen_the_white_tiger_talent) Spell(invoke_xuen)

AddIcon mastery=1 help=cd size=small
unless List(trinketcd0 000s) Item(Trinket0Slot usable=1)
unless List(trinketcd1 000s) Item(Trinket1Slot usable=1)

### Windwalker

AddFunction WindwalkerFullRotation
if InCombat(no)
if CheckBoxOn(potions) and TargetClassification(worldboss) Item(virmens_bite_potion usable=1)

if TargetIsInterruptible() Interrupt()
if CheckBoxOn(potions) and TargetClassification(worldboss) and {BuffPresent(burst_haste any=1) or TimeUntilTargetIsDead() <=60}
Item(virmens_bite_potion usable=1)
if TalentPoints(chi_brew_talent) and Chi(equal 0) Spell(chi_brew)
if TargetDebuffExpires(rising_sun_kick_aura 3) Spell(rising_sun_kick)
if BuffExpires(tiger_power 3 stacks=3) Spell(tiger_palm)
if BuffExpires(tigereye_brew_use) and BuffStacks(tigereye_brew) >=10 Spell(tigereye_brew_use)
if TimeToMaxEnergy() >5 Spell(energizing_brew)
if TalentPoints(invoke_xuen_the_white_tiger_talent) Spell(invoke_xuen)
if TalentPoints(rushing_jade_wind_talent) Spell(rushing_jade_wind)

if CheckBoxOn(aoe)
if NumberToMaxChi() ==0 Spell(rising_sun_kick)

if BuffExpires(energizing_brew) and TimeToMaxEnergy() >5 and BuffPresent(tiger_power 4 stacks=3) Spell(fists_of_fury)
if BuffPresent(combo_breaker_bok) Spell(blackout_kick)
if NumberToMaxChi() <2 and TimeToMaxEnergy() <=2 Spell(blackout_kick)
if BuffPresent(combo_breaker_tp) and {TimeToMaxEnergy() >=2 or BuffExpires(combo_breaker_tp 2)} Spell(tiger_palm)
if TalentPoints(ascension_talent) and NumberToMaxChi() >2 Spell(jab)
if TalentPoints(chi_brew_talent) and Chi() <=2 Spell(jab)
if TalentPoints(power_strikes_talent) and Chi() <=2 Spell(jab)
if {{Energy() + EnergyRegen() * SpellCooldown(rising_sun_kick)} >=40} or NumberToMaxChi() ==0 Spell(blackout_kick)

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Jeshu » Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:31 pm

If anyone wants to contribute feedback about the Brewmaster Ovale script in Nerien's Ovale Scripts, please feel free to reply on this thread. I'll monitor this forum at least once a day.

That is the script I've been writing and tweaking since I was a level 10 monk all the way to 86 currently. It's mostly following the priority laid out in Alaron's BrM Monk guide. It is my main for this expansion, so the monk script will see a little more attention than the rest for the foreseeable future.

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Setagana » Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:29 pm


I just installed the Brewmaster script on my monk and it looks like a lot of work has been put into it, so thanks for that! I do find the sheer number of buttons to be very confusing though. Would it be possible to see your prioritisation in logic form so I can take a stab at reducing the script down to a single button?

In case anyone wants to give it a try I've been using a script I wrote myself which has worked for me so far (lvl 73, so it doesn't include purifying brew yet), I've put it up here:

The governing logic behind my script is very roughly laid out here: ... nFNTl93NDg where blue denotes an AND relationship between conditions and yellow denotes OR . My logic was built up based on this guide: ... -cooldowns

Anyhow, am happy to help try build the definitive ovale script for Brewmasters, so anything you'd like me to contribute please let me know.

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Jeshu » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:46 am

There are four main icons and some small icons on either side that just contain survival cooldowns or utility spell cooldowns. The four main icons are:
  1. Short defensive cooldowns, e.g., Guard, Purifying Brew.
  2. Single-target rotation to spend energy and generate chi for damage.
  3. AoE rotation.
  4. Important abilities & damage cooldowns, e.g., interrupts, Touch of Death, Invoke Xuen.
You can toggle off the AoE rotation by clicking on the icon and unchecking the "AOE" checkbox. I will probably add checkboxes to all of my scripts to toggle off the small icons since those are likely to be tracked by using other addons as well.

You always want to be executing the main rotation. When an ability appears in the short-defensive-cooldown icon, it's up to you to decide if it's worthwhile to use it at that time, e.g., sometimes you don't care to use Guard because you aren't taking enough damage and would rather just spend that energy on Blackout Kick or Breath of Fire.

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Jeshu » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:13 am

I don't think it's good design to have only a single icon for every action because tanking requires intelligently using the right abilities at the right times. For brewmasters, the choice of what to do when you have 2 chi available depends greatly on the circumstances: on defense (Guard), offense (Blackout Kick), healing (Zen Sphere), or AoE (Breath of Fire). I don't see how you'd encapsulate that decision into a single icon. In particular, tanks should withhold casting Guard and/or Elusive Brew if there is a predictable damage spike that will occur shortly.

I like how you're trying to organize your script. I did identify the following problems:
  • Tiger Palm should be used as your filler action.
  • You can cap out on chi using Keg Smash.
  • You can cap out on chi using Jab.
  • You can use EnergyRegen() for the exact energy regeneration number instead of hard-coding "11".

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Vail » Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:56 am

For me it only ever suggests I do Keg Smash, pretty much nothing else at all.

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Wind_Freak » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:40 pm

I found I had to change in the code the stance of the ox to Stance of the ox to get it to stop telling me to change my stance. Once I did that it got much better.

I also like to augment with Power Auras Classic to get me some visual details like time remaining on shuffel and if guard is up or not.

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Re: Brewmaster Ovale Script

Post by Jeshu » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:56 pm

Nerien's Ovale Scripts 2.1.12 has a new BrM monk script based on the data in the EJ BrM monk thread "Like Water". The primary difference should be better Shuffle uptime than the previous script. I think the logic to determine when to use Purifying Brew could use more research; right now it only suggests PB if Shuffle uptime won't suffer as a result of using it.

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