2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

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2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

Post by Vasagore » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:34 am

Ok, I'm basically just curious as to wether I'm the only one stuck in a guild that is giving hunters equal rolls on melee 2H agi weapons?

I've tried to argue the case that our base damage is directly gained from the weapon dps, while it's just a "stat stick" for hunters, so just like they get priority on ranged agi weapons over rogues, feral druids should get priority on melee 2H agi weapons.

So far I'm getting "It's just as important an upgrade for us" as reply.

I've looked around some of the other serious raiding guilds on my realm, and those whoms website I've been able to find lootrules on, seem to agree that ranged weapons goes to hunters first and melee weapons goes to meleers first.

Am I wrong in arguing in my guild, that it makes no sense to have hunters picking up 2H agi weapons over feral druids? -what are your experiences on this?

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Re: 2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

Post by Dabeasty » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:58 am

I had the same isssue and got very cross myself about it. Whilst the guild didn't change the rule I think the Hunters understood and started to pass up melee 2h to ferals if they needed them.

There's a nice facility on Rawr (or used to be ) where you can see a graph breakdown of where your dps comes from by item slot. Back in Wrath I had a look at a typical Feral and the weapon was like 40% , for an equivalent Hunter it was like 7%. I posted screenshots on our forum just to try illustrate my point e.g. a weapon upgrade for a feral will provide the individual and hence the raid grp a much larger boost than for a hunter. Likewise a ranged item for a hunter will be a bigger boost.

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Re: 2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

Post by Blazzor » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:33 pm

Ye that can be problem in some guilds.In my one we solved it by giving more prio to ferals than to hunters since 1h or 2h weps are only stats for hunters.Where the bows,guns are more important for them.try talking to ur guild leader bout this problem

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Re: 2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

Post by morphiusrt » Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:31 pm

I had mentioned this in raid when our hunter took Malovence from me. The GM said and "upgrade is an upgrade he has more dkp therefore its his". I explained it to the hunter (doesn't work on all of them though) and he understood where I was coming from and then a few people had mentioned it to the gm now I get the power to override anyones bids based items being more of an upgrade to one class, I don't see this type of problem coming up very often though.

In the end I ended up letting him have it because I had just got elementium poleaxe that day and didn't want to vendor it just yet and he needs all the help he can get to try to out dps me :D

But in the end it is all up to the GM if he just wants to gear everyone then hunter will take it. If he wants to benefit the raid the most he will give it to you.

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Re: 2H agi weapons for ferals and hunters?

Post by Tinderhoof » Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:21 pm

This was something I ended up planning for as I knew that we only had one upgrade option this tier. Dispite hunters being able to use 1h weapons as stat items I knew it was still their best in slot. In my guild we have me (feral dps/tank) another feral (tank/boom) and 1 hunter who is an officer.

I made a plan of all the gear I wanted and what was going to be the biggest upgrade. In the cases of Necks/Rings/cloaks and such there is only 1 option this tier. With that in mind knowing that the hunter and rogues will want them as much as I do I put off bidding on the shared pieces (we use epgp) and focused on getting the two tier token drops (hat/shoulders) and let the hunters and rogues get the single drop items. When Melovence finally dropped on our second heroic kill I was ahead of the hunter but behind the tank (thank god we got lucky and got a double drop).

I know this won't help on guilds that just do open rolls, but any guild who uses a fair Loot Council or some bidding process (epgp/dkp) this is a good way to plan out what you need most and put off the smaller upgrades till the rest of the raid has gotten theirs.

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